GYOKUCHO – Ryoba Saw 240mm No. 610 with Replaceable Blade

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Please note: The saw features a replaceable blade. This means that the saw’s blade can be replaced if damaged or worn. This product comes with a single blade, and does not include an additional blade. Please contact us for more information.
GYOKUCHO – Ryoba Saw 240mm No. 610 with Replaceable Blade.

Gyokucho Razorsaw Ryoba No. 610 is a general purpose, double-edged saw, which means one cutting edge has rip teeth and the opposite edge has crosscut teeth. This saw is incredibly useful as a general purpose shop or building site saw as it can handle anything from cutoff work to ripping a panel. Impulse hardened, super sharp teeth are durable and make short work of any task, and an adjustable pivot point permits the blade to be angled in relation to the handle, which is useful in tight spaces or for overhead work. Saw comes fitted with a rattan wrapped handle for improved grip in all conditions.

  • Blade length 240mm/9-1/2″; Crosscut TPI: 14; Rip TPI: 7.
  • Gyokucho Razorsaws feature blades filled with remarkably sharp teeth of incredible durability; however, the teeth cannot be sharpened, so all saws have replaceable blades.
  • Adjustable pivot point. There is a joint located in between the blade and blade’s tang that permits the blade and handle to be angled to facilitate cutting in cramped or odd positions.
  • All blades are coated with the latest in anti-corrosion technology products. Even a little corrosion can reduce performance by increasing friction and decreasing the sharpness the teeth.
  • Rattan wrapped handle. Besides being the traditional style grip, rattan grips actually ensure a good grip in all conditions, including sweaty hands, and are very durable.

Gyokucho is the foremost manufacturer of Japanese saws today. The company has pioneered the processes of stamping and flattening the saw blade and grinding, setting and impulse hardening (one tooth at a time) the saw teeth, while committing to quality control through ongoing inspection that ensures a consistently superior product. There is no finer saw on the market today.

To own a Gyokucho Razorsaw is to own the best. Making a square cut or following a line on a panel is a challenge to anyone without formal training in using a Western style saw, other than having one thrust into your hands. So why should this experience be any different using a Japanese style saw? The Japanese decided long ago to make saws that cut on the pull stroke. This could be a result of the way they approach woodworking or just a flash of brilliance, but the why doesn’t matter so much as the result. Cutting on the pull stroke just makes sense and is easier for a saw user, whether untrained or trained.


1 review for GYOKUCHO – Ryoba Saw 240mm No. 610 with Replaceable Blade

  1. Aubrey Kloppers

    I bought one of these because I just could not face another ‘push’ saw for wood and WOW! Pulling the blade for a cut instead of pushing gives you so much more control over the path the blade is taking that if this one gets destroyed, another will take it’s place, no questions asked. What I can say is that I have “slightly” abused the saw and can find no fault 🙂 I work mostly in recycled wood (not that my end results looks recycled/up-cycled) and every cut is sharp and crisp. Do yourself a favor and get one, you will toss your other hand-saws quicker than what you can read this review! (Go see on Youtube how easy these work!)

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