Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpening Machines

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Beginning in 1973 with its roots firmly planted in the heart of Illinois, Darex was founded as a company specialising in tool sharpening. The Bernard family still runs Darex and its respective brands. One such popular brand is the premium and high quality Drill Doctor drill bit sharpeners that so many South Africans have grown to love. Drill Doctor drill bit sharpeners are manufactured in the USA and many of the components found in these great tools are also sourced from North America.

The Bernard family designs, engineers and calibrate their Drill Doctor sharpening machines all under one roof. The most popular and rudimentary of these sharpening systems is the Drill Doctor DD500XI Sharpener. This very affordable and high quality sharpener can sharpen drill bits which range from 2.4mm to 13mm (you can also increase this maximum capacity by adding an optional 19mm chuck accessory to the machine. The Drill Doctor uses a diamond sharpening wheel is simple and easy to replace. With the ability to sharpen High-speed Steel, Carbide, TiN-coated and masonry drill bits.

For those wishing to achieve better results and more efficiency in the workshop, the bigger and more industrial Drill Doctor DD750X is the go-to option. Unlike the Drill Doctor DD500, this bigger machine does not require the user to interchange chucks in order to sharpen larger drill bits. The Drill Doctor DD750X chuck has a full 2.4mm to 19mm capacity.

Drill Doctor Sharpening Systems, the most premium solution for high quality and durable drill bit sharpening.

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