Bosch Blue Wood Power Tools for Professionals

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The beginnings of this great German giant in professional power tools is as interesting as their vast innovative range of tools.

In 1926, Eisemann was developing an improved hair trimmer which relied on an electric motor in the handle to power the machine. This was a major improvement to the suspended motors conventionally used at the time. Once Robert Bosch had seen this hair trimmer, he tasked Hermann Steinhart to mass-produce this prototype using Bosch’s virtually indestructible plastic for the housing. Winning the market over with its comfortable and fatigue-free use, the “Forfex” was an instant hit amongst barbers and hairdressers alike. This basic design invention became the inspiration for the development of light power tools in a world where compact power tools equipped with integrated motors was only a dream.

The Bosch Blue power tools are a more professional and semi-industrial range of tools made to compliment the professional tradesman and avid enthusiast/prosumer alike. Bosch’s latest table saw has become a favourite addition to almost every passionate woodworker’s workshop. The Bosch GTS 10XC Table Saw is one of the most accurate and well-reviewed portable table saws on the market today. Equipped with Bosch’s years of experience in making precision tools which are built to uphold their great quality throughout the years, the Bosch GTS 10XC is the definition of Reliability. The compact size of this machine also makes it possible for the saw to be moved in and out of the workshop with ease, making any on-site work a logistical breeze.

Bosch Blue has recently become at the forefront of laser measuring technology. With their range of distance measurers, laser levels and inclinometers – Bosch Professional tools has made traditional measuring methods practically “fool-proof”. For the tradesman who relies on accuracy and precision, tools like the Bosch GLM 80 Professional Laser Measure (coupled with the Bosch R60 Measuring Rail) will fossilize all of your spirit levels and tape measures at once.

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