Footprint Carpenter Squares, Bevels & Gauges

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First brought out to the market after the invention of the Footprint Wrench, this Sheffield based tooling company has become a reputable brand in both the DIY woodworking and metalworking industries. In 1889, Thomas R Ellin (now known as Footprint Works) registered several designs for a range of products and managed to patent some of them as well. Very popular tools that were born from these innovations were namely the Footprint Wrench and Footprint Adjustable Spanners. Since then, the company has expanded its range to include woodworking tools that are designed to be staples in any woodworker’s shop.

The Footprint range of woodworking hand tools consists of some of the finest and most reasonably priced hand tools available in South Africa. The premium quality and precision-made Footprint Walnut Mortice & Marking Gauge is a great example of the brand’s dedication to creating high-quality products that any woodworker can afford. The walnut-made marking tool is definitely a remnant of the past and takes the user back to the reliable and age-old process of accurately matching woodwork joinery and cutting applications by marking instead of measuring. This way of working focused on actual points of references and not the reading of measurements – which can become quite unreliable.

One other product which is absolutely adored by woodworkers is the Footprint 3-Piece Shaped Cabinet Scraper Set. Consisting of three various scrapers shaped in ways to ensure that their use translates on any and all finishing applications. Made from resharpenable high carbon steel, this set of scrapers are designed to offer the smoothest finish to your workpieces. Offering an even nicer finish than sandpaper.

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