Bosch Green Woodworking Power Tools for DIY

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The beginnings of this great German giant in consumer power tools is as interesting as their vast innovative range of tools.

In 1926, Eisemann was developing an improved hair trimmer which relied on an electric motor in the handle to power the machine. This was a major improvement to the suspended motors conventionally used at the time. Once Robert Bosch had seen this hair trimmer, he tasked Hermann Steinhart to mass-produce this prototype using Bosch’s virtually indestructible plastic for the housing. Winning the market over with its comfortable and fatigue-free use, the “Forfex” was an instant hit amongst barbers and hairdressers alike. This basic design invention became the inspiration for the development of light power tools in a world where compact power tools equipped with integrated motors was only a dream.

The Green Range of Bosch Power Tools provides the most cost-effective and practical entry-level solutions for the home user wishing to “get things done”. Their range of Multi-Functional Oscillating Power Tools lend a helping hand to almost every type of Do It Yourself project. The Bosch PMF 250 CES Multi-functional Tool is the latest offering in this range. Equipped with the new Starlock System; changing between cutting, sanding, sawing and routing functions has become even easier and tool-free.

Ease-of-use is an important standard which the Bosch Green range has upheld throughout their product range. The Bosch POF 1400 ACE has become the industry standard when it comes to entry-level routing. If you’re looking into getting started with some router work, this is the most practical and cost-effective tool for the job. Powered with a strong motor and the Bosch Constant Electronic system, the selected speed is always kept constant in order to ensure the optimum quality of cut without compromising on safety.

Bosch Green, DIY power tools that are fun to use.

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