Saw Blades

Band Saw Blades

They are used principally in woodworking, metalworking, and lumbering, but may cut a variety of materials.

Circular Saw Blades

Circular saw blades are used on a number of different tools and machines. Plunge saws, mitre saws and table saws all used these blades. They are available in many styles and in a range of diameters and thicknesses.

Jig Saw Blades

Used in conjunction with Jig Saws, these blades are available in a number of different lengths and styles, depending on the application required.

Oscillating Saw Blades

These blades are used in conjunction with Oscillating Multi Tools. There is a wide range of blades available in different shapes and configurations for all cutting requirements.

Sabre Saws Blades

The sabre saw uses a toothed blade, chiefly to cut through wood and other soft materials. The lack of a large sole plate, which a jigsaw possesses, significantly reduces the controllability of the sabre saw.

Scroll Saws Blades

Scroll saw blades are available in fine, medium and coarse. These determine whether the blade gives the best finish or gives the most cutting speed.


Bushings are used with circular saw blades to reduce the bore size. The bore size determines which tool the blade can be used with, and bushings provide an option to modify the blade to fit the tool owned.