Belt Sanders

A very aggressive sander, belt sanders are used for rough and medium sanding. Often used to remove old paint, or weather damage from workpieces.

Delta Sanders

Delta sanders have a triangular base, which enables them to get into corners and hard to reach places where another sander would not. Good for medium and fine sanding.

Drum Sanders

A drum sander is a powerful machine that can be used to sand wood and plastics. It can be a hand held machine or a large piece of equipment that is used in a variety or woodworking projects or for forming plastics.

Eccentric Sanders

A moderately aggressive sanding machine, eccentric sanders are a good option for medium sanding and also finishing sanding.

Orbital Sanders

Orbital sanders are not very aggressive and are typically used for final sanding and finishing sanding ie sanding your first coat of paint.

Spindle Sanders

Spindle sanders are excellent for sanding the edges of workpieces. Because of the small size of the spindle they can be used to sand the inside edges of a panel ie a glass cabinet door.

Backing Pads

A range of backing pads and foam discs are available for most sanding machines. The hardness of the pad determines the aggressiveness of the sanding needing to be achieved.

2" Self Aligning Bowl Sander | BTA-BS01

Other Sanding

Here you will find those speciality sanding tools & accessories.