Tormek Wetstone Sharpening Systems & Jigs

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Bringing expert Waterstone sharpening to the household since 1973, he Swedish Tool Sharpening gold-standard, Tormek, continues to excel at giving you the sharpest edge on all your tools. Frustrated with finding the perfect way to sharpen his woodworking tools, Torgny developed his first machine using an electric drill to drive the grindstone and a rubber drive wheel to lower the RPM to obtain the perfect rotations for using the grindstone to hone metal tools. After this patent was approved, the small backyard operation grew into a company that had one focus:

Making sharpening easier for every woodworker. Today, offering the widest product range on the market, Tormek has certainly come to achieve this goal.

With two main machines in the product line: the Tormek T-4 Sharpening System which is geared towards the occasional home user who will only be using this sharpening for short periods of time now and again. This machine is equipped with a 200mm stone diameter and can accept all the jigs available for the bigger Tormek T-8 machine. Apart from the bigger 250mm diameter stone, the main difference between the Tormek T-8 and T-4 is the running time capacity. The bigger Tormek machine and run for longer without the need for continuous breaks such as with the Tormek T-4. This makes the Tormek T-8 the perfect tool for the small business/workshop.

One of the most popular jigs found in this product range is the Torment Woodturners Sharpening Kit, this set of jigs will ensure that you have the sharpest edge on all your chisels. From the smallest Skew Chisel to the deepest gouging chisel, this kit of jigs can adjust to all your turning tools.

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