Makita MT Woodworking Power Tools in SA

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With its roots stemming from the electric motor sales and repairs industry, this Japanese manufacturing giant has become the cause of much envy amongst woodworkers and tradesman alike. As the first Japanese company to manufacture and sell portable electric planers, Makita Corporation has always been at the forefront in the Evolution of Power Tools. Over 100 years later, Makita Power Tools is still one of the highest quality premium power tool brands available.
Makita MT is the consumer-focused division of Makita Power Tools. This range of machines is designed to provide practical entry-level solutions for the home user wishing to simply “get things done”. A very popular product in this range is the ever-reliable and low cost entry-level trim router, the Makita MT M3700B. Equipped with a secure motor-housing, clear plastic base and chip deflector – this machine offers very high manoeuvrability.
Another great offering from the Makita MT range is the extremely powerful Makita MT M9400B Belt Sander which is big and robust enough to be a suitable alternative to the more industrial options available like the 1040W Makita 9401 LEGEND Heavy Duty Belt Sander. Offering the same big sanding surface area of 100mm x 610mm at just a little less power output than the Makita 9401(the Makita MT M9400B is rated at 940W.
Makita MT, the ideal machines for the DIYer who does not wish to compromise on quality.

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