Rockler Woodworking Jigs

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Specializing in hand tools and power tool accessories since 1954 this premium brand of American products has opened up a new spectrum of possibilities for the everyday woodworker.

Norton Rockler started this Minnesota-based Woodworking Supplies company to constantly produce innovative products which will ultimately assist any woodworker with completing their projects. Like many family-owned businesses, Rockler has always been a customer-focused company whose commitment, as Norton Rockler once said, “… doesn’t end when your package arrives.”

In 1992, Rockler released the now very popular Rockler Universal 17-Piece T-track Kit. This kit is the best introduction to the t-track [working system] which allows for accurate and versatile power tool woodworking tasks that any home woodworker can achieve.

Ten years later, the Rockler Clamp-It Assembly Square was introduced. This very innovative and useful tool gave the woodworker the extra hand you need when applying glue to your projects or simply trying to join (nail, screw, etc.) workpieces at a 90-degree angle. A customer once commented about this product stating that “Once in a rare while you come across a new woodworking tool that you can’t imagine working without ever again. This is one of those tools.”

In 2009, the Rockler Bench Cookie range of kits was introduced. This fast-selling and very reputable range of jigs have become the go-to product for any woodworker wishing to expand his/her work-holding capabilities.

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