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Known as the ultimate premium brand in clamping and cutting technologies, Bessey Tools offers the highest standards for clamping and cutting solutions.

Since their foundations as a company specializing in steel manufacturing and innovations, Bessey has always attempted to push the limits of craftmanship in all aspects of metalwork. The company has remained at the forefront of clamping technologies ever since establishing their first patents for malleable cast iron screw clamps in 1936 to their launch of their highly popular self-adjusting toggle clamp (Bessey STC) range in 2012.

The Bessey range of self-adjusting clamps turn historically challenging work-holding pains into mechanical pleasures. By allowing the user to apply Vertical, Horizontal and/or In-line pressure – these clamps serve many versatile functions which will allow the user to be more confident about their work holding.  The Bessey STC Self-adjusting Toggle Clamps have become the ultimate assistant for the user who is limited to only one set of hands.

Large-area Clamping and Spreading are tasks which only have one reigning king: the Bessey K Body REVO Parallel Clamp. Equipped with three removable pressure caps, these clamps can be used to clamp very large parallel surfaces. With a powerful clamping force of up to 8,000N, these Bessey K Body Clamps have a large enough surface area to ensure safety with every clamped piece. Framing frustrations are a thing of the past with the Bessey Framing Set KP, which you can purchase additionally with these Bessey K Body Clamps. This easy-to-use framing set is lightweight and allows the user to assemble and join frames the in a few easy steps.

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