Jet Woodwork Machines & Tools South Africa

Shop the complete South African Jet Range at Buy quality woodworking machines at great prices including Jet Thicknessers JPT-260, Bandsaws, Drum Sanders 22-44, Disc Sanders & accessories. Great online shopping, service and advice. Fast nationwide delivery over R1000. Order your Jet tools Today!

Since introducing their first products over 50-years ago, this American favourite has been the epitome of innovation, service and outstanding quality. Founded by Leslie P. Sussman in 1958 after taking a flight on the first Boeing Jet Airplane, Jet tools started as a small hardware store in Seattle, Washington specialising in the dealing of air hoists and trolleys. Years after its inception, Jet has carried a product range extending far passed only tools to also selling snowmobile, forklifts, transmitter radios etc.
In the early 90’s, Jet begun to delve deeper into not just the importing of high-quality tools but to also the designing and manufacturing of woodworking power tool machinery. The most popular range of bandsaws today is currently the Jet range of bandsaws, ranging from small benchtop bandsaws like the Jet JWBS-9X Benchtop Bandsaw to larger and more industrial machines such as the Jet JWBS-14Q Industrial Band Saw. The Jet JWBS-9X Benchtop Bandsaw is amongst the favourite options available for budget/space-conscious woodworkers looking for a benchtop solution for resawing, ripping and detailed scrolling-work.
Known as the premium brand of tools to those looking at establishing semi-industrial workshops, Jet has some powerful drum sanders like the Jet 22-44 Oscillating Drum Sander which can be used as a linear sander that does not generate the heat on the sanding belts to reduce loading and burning. Details like the oscillation and automatic-feeding functions have made this machine one of the most popular machines for the serious woodworker/cabinet maker.
If you’re looking for the best in semi-industrial woodworking, choose Jet.

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