Festool ergonomic saws, jigsaws, drills, routers and Accessories. Shop Online for Wood Work Tools in South Africa. Free national Delivery on orders over R1000.

Founded in Germany, the Festool range of power tools have been used for over 90-years and have become synonymous with providing the highest quality in premium tooling systems. The company has continued to make Quality & Perfection the pillars of their workmanship.

The company stands behind the quality of their tools and covers your new tool against faults and will repair the tool free of charge for the first three years!

The highly precise and adaptive Festool TS 55 Plunge Cutting Circular Saw has become an irreplaceable work-companion for any shopfitter or cabinetmaker, proving its accuracy and reliability consistently throughout the years. Adapted to fit all Festool guide rails, the Festool range of circular saws take all the guesswork away from producing a clean and accurate cut.

Festool’s systems-based solutions have made age-old tasks like building the ‘perfect router table’ or executing ‘precise joinery’ simple enough for even the ordinary layman to perform. With the Festool CMS Router Table System, the user is working from above making perfect cuts on your router become as safe and simple as those made on your circular saw. The company has also removed the headaches caused by mortise-and-tenon joinery. With the Festool DF 500 Domino Jointer, you can execute perfect joints in ways that would leave even the most experienced woodworker absolutely stunned.

No expertise required- only the right Festool.

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