Wood Creams

Wood retouch creams are used for rubbing into damaged areas, restores colour and disguises dents and chips. Ideal for filling miter joints and pinholes on frames or furniture.

Wood Preservatives

Wood preservatives control wood degradation problems due to fungal rot or decay, sapstain, molds, or wood-destroying insects. Preservative treatments greatly increase the life of wood.

Wood Varnishes

Varnish is mainly used in wood finishing applications where the natural tones and grains in the wood are intended to be visible. It is applied over wood stains as a final step to achieve a film for gloss and protection.

Wood Waxes

Wax is mainly used for protecting wood from moisture, it helps to keep the colour of wood for a long time. Wood wax can be used on non-painted or painted wood. The use of wax produces a deep shine.

Wood Sealers

Wood sealer is a coat, also referred to as “wash coat”. It is used to seal the pores of the wood and gives an even, smooth surface for topcoats of lacquer or varnish.

Wood Oils

Wood oil is used to build up layers on the surface of wood to create a plastic-like coating that gives a hard-wearing, protective finish or seal floors and other wooden surfaces.


Wood Fillers

Wood filler is a substance often made from wood dust, combined with a binder. It is used to fill imperfections like nail holes in wood before finishing it.

Wood Glues

The main use of wood glue is for holding or binding two pieces of wood together. Usually used in wood joinery. Wood glue will eventually wear down, it is advised to use screws to strengthen the hold.

Wood Stains

Wood stain is used to change the colour of wood by soaking pigment into wood fibers. It is a form of paint and consists of colorants dissolved and/or suspended in a solvent. It is economical, easier to use and longer-lasting compared to paint.

Polish for Wood

Wood Polishes

Furniture polishes consist of pastes, creams or lotions use to clean, protect and shine wooden furniture.

Wood Retouching Sticks

Wood Retouching

Retouch crayons, pens or sticks can be used to full and hide superficial scratches on wooden furniture and surfaces.

Steel Wool

High-quality steel wool is recommended for cleaning, preparing and maintaining wood and metal surfaces.

Wood Finishing Accessories

Finishing Accessories

Finishing accessories are those products to assist you in the finishing procedure and consist of brushes, rags, bench cookies, and other products.

Blow Torches

A blowtorch is a fuel-burning tool used for applying flame and heat to various applications, usually metalworking.

Casting Epoxies & Resins

Resin casting is a method of plastic casting where a mould is filled with a liquid synthetic resin, which then hardens.

Other Finishes

Other finishes – this section contains finishing products not mentioned in the other catagories. You might find what you are looking for here.