Router Bits

Router Bit Sets

Router bit sets are excellent when buying a new router. They offer a range of bits which will be needed and the bigger sets have some bits that will challenge the user to try new techniques. Note, the shank diameter must be checked to confirm it is compatible with the router.

CNC Router Bits

For use with a CNC, computer controlled router, machines. These bits are designed for industrial usage and are very long lasting. Can also be used by DIYers as the qualities of these bits are excellent.

Straight Bits

Simple straight bits are used to rout slots, cut shapes and even create simple joints. Available in a range of lengths and diameters. Straight, up or down spiral bits are used depending on application.

Edge Trim & Shape Bits

These bits are used to trim or shape the edges of panels. They have a bearing which runs along the edge of the board to ensure the cut is always accurate. Trimming bits are used to remove any damage that my have been caused by the saw, while edge shaping bits create an aesthetically pleasing look to the panel.

Plunge Pattern Bits

Plunge pattern bits are designed to plunge into the surface of the material and create a shape or pattern. There are many patterns available. Often used to decorate cabinet doors. Plunge bits are available to match edge shaping bits.

Jointing Bits

The are a multitude of different router bits that can be used to create different joints. Typically the most difficult type of joints use router bits, and are therefore favored by craftsmen. Many joints created with router bits are considered features on top quality furniture.

Panel Raising Bits

Panel raising bits are used to give the panel the appearance of raising from the edge to the center of the board. Very popular with 5 piece doors. They can be used to create a vintage style of furniture.

Special Bits

There are a number of router bits that are designed for special applications.

Shaper Cutters

Used with a powerful spindle, use with a router is not recommended, they can create complex shapes on the edges or surfaces of boards. Because of the large diameter, they wear very slowly relative to standard bits and are favored in industrial applications.


Different bits have different shanks, the part of the tool that is clamped into the router, diameters. As such, collets allow for many more different sized bits to be used with a router.


Replacement bearings for edge trim, and edge shaping bits. Bearings wear over time, and need to be replaced more often than the router bit itself.