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Uniquely, you can purchase products from either of these websites on a single cart and a single checkout.

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What are Secondary Woods?

 Thinking of certain woods as primary and others as secondary types of wood may seem like you’re turning a noble pursuit such as woodwork and perverting it with elitist classism. However, the term sounds much worse than what these woods are.  For many years, woodworkers have had to come up with creative ways to solve […]

3D Printers – Everything You Need To Get Started

The perception that plastic or composite material is inferior and weak is a rather outdated one that has proven time and time again to be untrue. Nowadays, some of the most durable machines are comprised of plastic parts which have been 3-D printed to perfection using expensive industrial 3-D printers. Now you can also 3D […]

New Ways To Carve Wood with Wolfcraft

For the past several years, Wolfcraft has been at the forefront of affordable woodworking innovations. They have done this consistently over the years without necessarily releasing any machinery. Instead, the German woodworking company focuses its efforts on getting the tools that you already have in your possession to be more capable than they were ever […]

Enjoy 3-Year Warranties with Trade Professional

Enjoy 3-Year Warranties with Trade Professional Woodworking is like a hard drug. You take one hit and before you know it, you’re going down a long and tumultuous rabbit hole of hard lessons, long hours, and piles of invoices. There is always a need for a brand that will cater to the new woodworker who […]

The Perfect Gift Ideas To Justify Your Hobby

Woodworking is a very cheap hobby. All you need is a saw, a pencil, a ruler, sandpaper and glue.  Until of course, you begin to spend anything more than 10-minutes into the hobby, you get hooked and realize that you may “need” a few saws, a few sanders, and other means to join things. Shortly […]

Making The Best Out Of A Cheap Situation

As home hobbyists and weekend woodworkers, we often do not have access to an immense amount of funds to fund this often non-profit-yielding passion we have. This is why we often have to look at alternative ways to make some of the tools we wish we could spend  thousands of rands buying. Just like we […]

A Workbench Made Just For You

The term “customized furniture” always sounds like something unnecessary, out of reach, and simply luxurious. Now when brought to a world that is as utilitarian as the woodworking world, the world of luxury is something we do our very best to run away from. In our world, everything must be necessary, meaningful, and purposeful. However, […]

Paint Brushing & Air Brushing With AirCraft

Getting a compressor doesn’t always have to be for industrial or workshop purposes only. Sometimes, you need to use compressed air for a different and much smaller function. For painting on crafts, body art, or even for make-up work, a small airbrushing compressor is exactly what you need. AirCraft is a great brand to begin […]

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