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If goods sold in shops are shop-soiled, they are slightly dirty, slightly damaged (scratches) or the packaging is damaged and therefore reduced in price. However, the tool/product warranty is still valid.

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Our New Open Access Workshop Is Ready!

Looking to sign up to join the workshop? Once our "Name the Workshop" competition concludes at the end of October, we will announce details and pricing of the workshop. If you would like us to contact you regarding membership when these details are available please head to our Contact Page or send us an email [...]

GROZ – Precision Measuring Tools: Squares, Calipers & Dividers

Specializing in Precision Engineering, Lubrication Equipment, Professional Hand Tools, and Automotive Shop Equipment – the GROZ Engineering Tools company has been a worldwide manufacturing leader since 1976. With their focus being primarily on manufacturing the very best tools in terms of quality and precision, Groz has ensured to carefully manufacture each tool under the most […]

Multi-Sharp – The Cost Effective Way to Sharpen Your Tools

Tool sharpening can become an extremely technical, fancy, and ultimately expensive part of your entire workflow. The specialized sharpening systems which are made available to the home woodworker and DIY enthusiast can range from either being exorbitantly expensive to down-right impractical and ultimately useless. The Multi-Sharp range of sharpening jigs makes sharpening very accessible to […]

Cutting For Professionals – Battle of The Mitre Saws

For most home woodworkers and Destroy It Yourself enthusiasts, a compound sliding mitre saw would be our version of an upgrade from our “chop saw”. The sliding mechanisms of these mitre saws make it easier to make cleaner cuts as well as increases the sliding capabilities of the mitre saw. But what if you are […]

Premium Dado Sets – What to Look For

A few months ago, the popular local branded more affordable dado sets which were widely distributed across the country had a few quality issues which deemed it unfit for the job that they were created to perform: to cut clean and accurate grooves for quick joinery. As a result Tools4Wood has since restocked and begun […]

King Arthur’s Tools: Power Carving with Your Angle Grinder

Founded as a small, family owned American business located in North Florida, King Arthur’s Tools has been dedicated to offering a unique range of power carving products which have been designed to cut and shape a wider range of materials. Through their continued dedication to these developments, King Arthur’s Tools has brought out a great […]

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Uniquely, you can purchase products from either of these websites on a single cart and a single checkout.

After many requests from customers for tools that fall outside of woodworking, we have created separate websites supplying a wide range of tools to the building, construction, metalworking, and gardening industries.

Uniquely, you can purchase products from either of these websites on a single cart and a single checkout.