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Our pens are out! To give you something to read and enjoy during Lockdown, we will endeavor to publish at least one woodworking article per day. If any of you would like to contribute with articles, contact us here.

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Striplox – Introducing: The Knew Knockdown

In 2018, the woodworking joinery and knockdown industry welcomed a new player into the game. Providing the user with a new, improved, secure, easy-to-install, and concealed solution that ensures that the end-user can put together his/her furniture with ease and without compromising the overall visual aesthetic of the furniture. Striplox can be mounted in a […]

Cutting Cordless, Is It Worth The Extra Cost?

By now, we all know about the benefits of going cordless especially when it comes to the use of drills and drivers which usually need to be used together for a single job. For table saws, portable circular saws, and miter saws however, the cordless option is a fairly new one. And an especially mind numbing […]

Dust Collection Basics: Shop Vacuums

A dusty wood workshop is hardly every adequately complemented with a broom a dust-pan. It just doesn’t work. Too often the dust which we are generating when we are cutting timber on our circular, mitre and jigsaw is simply too fine to be swept up and collected in a dustpan. Our thicknessers and jointers are […]

Incra Tools – Upgrading Your Workflow: Router Tables

In our last article on the Incra Tools – Upgrading Your Workflow: Crosscut Sleds we discussed the importance of evolving from working free-handedly to adding a permanent/semi-permanent fixed solution. We first used the incredibly helpful Incra Tools to make a coping sled for our table saws, now we wish to take on a larger and often a […]

Drill Press Basics: Getting Started

Drilling into thicker and heavier materials by freehand and still maintaining vertical accuracy can be close to impossible, especially for a novice woodworker. We have previously discussed the uses and benefits of drill guides, however, in thick and heavier/denser material can present challenges on both your wrist and eventually your control. The drill press comes […]

Making sense of Knots: Wood Filler, Filler Sticks & Wood Repair

A knot found embedded inside a piece of wood can either be a point of weakness which renders that part of the plank unusable, something we can cover up or (more seldom) something that we wish to preserve, show off and fall in love with. Today, we will discuss the matter of filling these knots […]

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After many requests from customers for tools that fall outside of woodworking, we have created a separate webstore supplying a wide range of tools to the building and construction industries.

Uniquely, you can purchase products from either Tools4Wood or Tools4Builders on a single cart and a single checkout.