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Uniquely, you can purchase products from either of these websites on a single cart and a single checkout.

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Basics of Wood Finishing – Exterior Wood Finishes

During our early series, Basics of Wood Finishing, we went into depth on the various types of wood finishes as well as the different ways to apply these. In this article, we look deeper into the Woodoc and Osmo range of products to look for the best finishes to use on outdoor surfaces. Osmo – German Quality […]

Painting & Protecting Your Deck

We have once previously spoken about how you can use the Kreg Deck Jig system to build the deck of your dreams. Finishing these decks, however, is usually not a cut-and-dry decision to make – today, we seek to dispel any mysteries you may have regarding this. Staining is a great option for sealing the […]

Well Stocked Shop: Marking and Cutting Gauges

More than one way to make your mark Many years ago when I began tooling up my shop, I quickly discovered how much I could accomplish with basic hand tools. Though many were antiques, it wasn’t long before they earned their keep and made my all-time favorites list. Among them were marking and cutting gauges […]

Laser Cutting With Your CNC Machine

Laser Cutting With Your CNC Machine The laser cutter is commonly known as being invented by Kumar Patel, who began his research in laser action when he started working at the United States Bell Labs, which is now owned by the Finnish company Nokia, in 1961. In 1963, he developed the first C02 laser, which […]

T-Tracks – Yes, There’s More

Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly have more to say about these efficient and economical time and space-savers – we keep finding more innovations that build on to evolve and improve this very simple idea of working. T-tracks are extremely versatile tools that have a variety of useful applications in the workshop. These applications […]

Drilling Into Pen Blanks

Just as we have found in the past, having the right tool for the job can be the major difference between you being able to turn a foreign-sounding subject like drilling square holes into a more conceivable and ultimately achievable goal. This is the same when it comes to pen making. As we have explored in […]

What are Secondary Woods?

 Thinking of certain woods as primary and others as secondary types of wood may seem like you’re turning a noble pursuit such as woodwork and perverting it with elitist classism. However, the term sounds much worse than what these woods are.  For many years, woodworkers have had to come up with creative ways to solve […]

3D Printers – Everything You Need To Get Started

The perception that plastic or composite material is inferior and weak is a rather outdated one that has proven time and time again to be untrue. Nowadays, some of the most durable machines are comprised of plastic parts which have been 3-D printed to perfection using expensive industrial 3-D printers. Now you can also 3D […]

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