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In order to comply with Government regulation with regards to the lockdown taking effect from Thursday the 26 March 2020 , Tools4 will be suspending deliveries and collections for any orders placed after 12pm on Thursday 26 March 2020. Our online store will remain operational for the lockdown period and you will be able to place orders which will be processed as soon as normal trade resumes in April 2020. Should you have any queries about products or any other updates we encourage you to make use of our online stores, emails and telephones and we will be happy to answer you.

Any pricing or stock dependencies will be resolved on resumption of normal trade.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time, and should you need to contact us, please do so by calling 011 869 3069 or emailing us at [email protected]

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Stuck at home, no new tools, limited supplies of lumber. Great! We would like to see what you all get up with unlimited time and limited resources. Send us small projects, tips, hacks and how to guides. We will post out onto our social media and website and will announce the winner when the Lockdown ends.

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Our pens are out! To give you something to read and enjoy during Lockdown, we will endeavor to publish at least one woodworking article per day. If any of you would like to contribute with articles, contact us here.

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Burning on Wood, Chipboard, Leather – Pyrography

Writing Burning on Wood, Chipboard, Leather – Pyrography In our previous article, Writing on Wood, Metal, Plastics & more – Engravers, we explored the various tools used for the engraving onto surfaces. This was mostly achieved with tools that adopt a similar method: a rotary tool that rotates an engraving bit and can be used […]

OLFA – Rotary Cutters From Japan

Made in Japan, the OLFA range of cutters offers the highest quality of steel and knife mechanisms equipped with the best and sharpest edge. For quilters and craftsman who frequently use scissors to cut fabric, cutting longer and larger quantities of these fabrics can often prove to be quite difficult. For the most part, one […]

Writing on Wood, Metal, Plastics & more – Engravers

Engraving has grown in popularity over the years. This hobby has grown from being a simple way to pass the time and has soon become an entry point to other levels of engraving like laser and CNC-engraving without having to pay the initial arm-and-leg. There are a few tools which can be used for engraving, […]

Turning Wood at Home: Holding Wood

Wood turning, as a specialty in woodworking, offers a variety of fields within itself. From the bowl makers to the pen turners, everyone has a niche of their own which he/she can choose to specialize in. No matter which discipline you choose to specialize in, any lathe will be able to achieve the goal – […]

Holding Corners in Place – Corner Clamps

Whether you’re making frames, boxes or cabinets you will most likely always need to hold two pieces together at a 90-degree angle. Creating these corners usually relies on ensuring that your boards are cut to the required matching dimensions as well as planed flat. But even with these measures in place, it is still possible […]

Turning Wood at Home – Wood Lathes

As one of the most ancient and coveted woodwork specialties, woodturning continues to bring awe to the eyes of onlookers and brings more and more woodworkers flocking to watch wood shaving flying away at rapid speeds. Woodturning is the process in which a woodworker uses a tool, known as a wood lathe, to suspend the […]

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After many requests from customers for tools that fall outside of woodworking, we have created a separate webstore supplying a wide range of tools to the building and construction industries.

Uniquely, you can purchase products from either Tools4Wood or Tools4Builders on a single cart and a single checkout.