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Difference Between 18 Gauge & 16 Gauge Brad Nails

16 Guage Brad Nails: The nails are approx. 1.65mm thick, are bigger and holds stronger compared to 18 gauge nails. Ideal for heavier jobs, for example installing door frames or fitting exterior trim.. The head is slightly larger than the 16 gauge nail. This will allow for better holding if glue wasn’t used. 18 Gauge […]

Olfa Offers a Range of Cutters & Knives for all your Craft & Hobby Needs

The Olfa range of cutters and knives covers a wide range of tools for almost all craft and hobby needs and even includes kits for quilters. Keep your craft space neat and tidy . . . a little organisation will make crafting more efficient and enjoyable. If you are a regular crafter there comes a […]

Cordless Power Tools – Battery Run Time Explained

The below illustration shows the relationship between Volts, Ampere-hours, and Watts using a car to better understand the concept of rechargeable batteries. It is often asked how long the batteries will last; this is a tricky question as it all depends on what battery is used and how it is used. In the example of […]

Worx – The New Kid on The Block

Founded in 2004, this American supplier of lawn, garden equipment, and power tools has begun to stir up quite the buzz in South Africa and around the world alike. The expansive range of innovative, light-weight machinery has been the highlight of their launch in the country. These cordless tools sport the newer 20-Volt platform which […]

Sharpening By Hand – The Basics

As woodworkers, much of our work is dependant on a sharp and reliable cutting edge. For our surfaces to be truly flat, for our cabinets to precisely fitting, and for our logs to be smooth and perfectly cylindrical – we need sharp tools. For those who can afford it, machine Waterstone sharpeners like those made […]

FISCO – Quality Precision Measuring from England

Founded in 1940, during World War II, Leo Fisher began producing radio valve pins in a small cellar in London, for the Ministry of Supply. After the war, the company started making drawing pins and upholstery nails and in 1946 the first tape measures were introduced to the Fisco range. As the business grew, premises […]

Titebond – The Best Name In Wood Glue

The Titebond range of glues are imported from the United States of America and all share the same quality adhesive bonds that are stronger than the wood itself, they offer excellent heat-resistance and are very easy to sand while still allowing for water clean-up when still wet. The Titebond glues typically provide a strong initial […]

Our New Open Access Workshop Is Ready!

Looking to sign up to join the workshop? Once our "Name the Workshop" competition concludes at the end of October, we will announce details and pricing of the workshop. If you would like us to contact you regarding membership when these details are available please head to our Contact Page or send us an email [...]

Some Of Our Brands

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Some Of Our Brands

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