Makita Woodworking Power Tools South Africa

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With its roots stemming from the electric motor sales and repairs industry, this Japanese manufacturing giant has become the cause of much envy amongst woodworkers and tradesman alike. As the first Japanese company to manufacture and sell portable electric planers, Makita Corporation has always been at the forefront in the Evolution of Power Tools. Over 100 years later, Makita Power Tools is still one of the highest quality premium power tool brands available.

Since manufacturing their first pneumatic nailer (Makita AN5000), Makita has continued to refine and improve their processes. A great example of this refinement can be seen on their latest air nailer which has also become one of the best-selling pneumatic nailers on the market. The Makita AF505 Pneumatic Nailer has the capacity to shoot 18-gauge F-Type nails as long as 50mm without compromising on any operating pressure. Equipped with a 360-degree multi-directional extraction port, the Makita AF505 Air Nailer also allows for tool-less depth adjustment and a clear jam release function which makes working with this pneumatic tool a walk in the park.

In 2005, Makita went on to launch their range of 18-Volt Lithium-Ion cordless power tools which has become the world’s largest line-up of 18V cordless tools. Improving on their most popular Portable Trim Router, the Makita RT0700CX2, the company further expanded their cordless range by introducing a cordless version this trim router. This turned a very versatile trim router which was usually used free-handed or mounted on CNC machines into a fully operational completely cordless (and Brushless Motored) trim router – the Makita DRT50ZJ Mobile Laminate Trimmer.

On jobsites around the world and on any given day, Makita delivers the durability, power and performance demanded by the professional tradesman.

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