Corded Drills

For heavy drilling work corded drills are used. They typically have the most power, and are the more economical option. Can be used for wood, metal and masonry work. Some drills have a hammer function, which allows very hard surfaces to be drilled.

Cordless Drills

For lighter work, and also ease of use, cordless drills can be used in and out of the workshop. The voltage (v) and amp hours (ah) are important to note as these determine how powerful and how long the batteries will last.

Cordless Drivers

Cordless screwdrivers are essentially drills which allow the quick and easy insertion of screws into a workpiece. Much faster and more accurate than traditional screwdrivers.

Drill Presses

A workshop machine, drill presses are used when the holes need to be drilled exactly perpendicular to the work surface ie cabinet door hinges.

Hand Drills

When no power is available hand drills can be used. Very useful for work outside or in far flung places. Craftsman also frequently use these drills as it gives them a great amount of control.

Drill Jigs & Guides

There are a range of jigs and guides avaialable to fit onto drills to allow for a number of different drilling applications to be achieved.

Drill Chucks

Replacement drill chucks, keys and special chucks are available.