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New Wolfcraft Jigs & Tools To Make You Smarter

Known as one of the premium brand names in woodworking, the German company Wolfcraft has managed to scratch the surface of almost every common woodworking problem. At times, Wolfcraft accessories have found solutions to problems which we may not have yet even noticed as yet. The innovative nature of the company’s offerings often expands the […]

Get More Out Of Your Saw – Mitre Saw Stations

For most home woodworkers and Destroy It Yourself enthusiasts, a compound sliding mitre saw would be our version of an upgrade from our “chop saw”. The sliding mechanisms of these mitre saws make it easier to make cleaner cuts as well as increase the sliding capabilities of the mitre saw. But what if you are […]

Laguna – Take Your Woodwork To Another Level

After spending most of your weekends making projects for your friends and family, you may find yourself being inclined to take this hobby to a new level and perhaps finally making a profit from buying all your mobile power tools. To do this, you would need to begin looking at investing more money into some […]

Getting You Router Bits To Do More

In our previous article, we discussed how building your router into a router table turning it into a spindle moulder can improve your ability to cut mouldings and grooves in boards with ease and accuracy. Some changes and improvements can be made without the need to invest as much time and finances into building and […]

McGyver Series – Upgrade Your Drill

Just like the name implies, the McGyver Series is for the woodworker wishing to increase the reach of their current power tools without having to buy new hands. In this segment, we will be focusing on affordable and efficient ways to get your drill to do more than just drill holes.  Turn Your Drill Into […]

Finding the Center of Everything

Whether you are woodturning on a lathe or making a lazy susan, understanding exactly where the center is of a wood piece is critical. This is why there are so many different traditional methods of finding these center points, this problem has been in existence since the very beginning. We discussed some of these techniques […]

Software to Help You Plan Your Woodwork Projects

Planning your projects is the best way to ensure that you limit mistakes, costs, and wasted time on problems that could have been perceived which is just a little bit of calculation. More than that, we all want to have a visual representation of our projects before we go ahead and execute them. Not all […]

Workshop Myths – Is Bigger Always Better?

Over the years, as woodworkers, we find ourselves learning a few things along the way. Some of these lessons are given to us kindly by nature and others hurt our bodies and more often than not, also find a way to dig really deep holes in our wallets. One such lesson has been the age-old […]

Some Of Our Brands

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Some Of Our Brands

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Uniquely, you can purchase products from either of these websites on a single cart and a single checkout.