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MicroJig 2/Pk Pushblock System Grr-Ripper 3D Complete – Limited Edition (MIC GR-562)

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The ultimate GRR-RIPPER experience. Includes (2) GRR-RIPPER Advanced Pushblocks with (2) of every accessory available for the GRR-RIPPER.

The GRR-RIPPER is a must-have for any table saw. Protect hands and prevent kickback like never before. Cut with surgical precision and handle small work material with safety and control.

Product Description:

The powerful grip gives you commanding hold of your work. Grips all the major wood species, plastics, and even aluminum. 3-directions on control give you the three essential forces needed to feed work safely through a table saw.

Downward pressure – holds the work down and prevents kickback
Inward pressure – keeps the material against the fence and prevents burning
Forward pressure – advances both keeper and off-cut side through the cut.

Achieve unmatched safety, precision, and control with the GRR-RIPPER. Efficiency use all your materials including exotic woods and save on waste and scrap. Cut down to 1/4″ by 1/4″ standard with our 1/4″ Leg and unlock extreme accuracy with our 1/8″ Leg included with our Limited Edition package.

Cutting small parts on a table saw with laser-sharp accuracy has never been easier and safer. Stabilize for many shapes and sizes. Grip and control unlimited types of species and wood specimens. Get the control you’ve always dreamed about and virtually eliminate kickback in your shop. The Gravity Heel Kit grabs the tail-end of the board to give you extra leverage to finish the cut and eliminate tear-out.

Give your projects the perfect partner and get cleaner cuts. Give yourself the peace of mind and get incredible control over the cut. The Handle Bridge Kit lets you ergonomically adjust the handle to operate as long as you need comfortably.

This package gives you everything you need and all the accessories available for the GRR-RIPPER System. Protect against chip debris and sawdust with the Deflector/Connector. No detail was missed in assembling the most complete tool for operating your table saw, router table, band saw, and jointer.

Trusted by the smartest woodworkers worldwide.

What’s in the box:

2 – GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock (GR-100)
2 – 1/8” Leg (GRP-11G)
2 – Gravity Heel Kit (GRGH-040)
2 – Stabilizing Plate & Adjustable Spacer (GRAK-404)
2 – Handle Bridge Kit (GRHB-010)
2 – Deflector/Connector (GRDC-020)
1 – GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock Manual

See the accessories in action:


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