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Kreg Metric R3 Jig Pocket Hole System with Free 2″ Face Clamp

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Product Description

Kreg Metric R3 Jig Pocket Hole System with a Free 2″ Face Clamp.

The Home Improver’s Solution for Building with Wood

The Kreg Jig® R3 is the perfect solution for any homeowner who builds projects with wood. With the Kreg Jig® R3, you can make home improvements, build bookcases and shelves, create storage projects, make lasting repairs, and much more.

Clamp Pad Adapter

The Kreg Jig® R3 can be secured to the workpiece with any standard bar clamp or C-clamp. In addition, the R3’s Clamp Pad Adapter allows the jig to be attached to any Kreg Face Clamp for faster and more repeatable pocket holes.

Material Thickness Setting

From thin drawer boxes and craft projects to stout 2x4s, this jig can handle just about anything. Independent positioning sliders feature nine depth settings, allowing you to easily join materials from from 12-38mm in 3mm increments.

Organized Carrying Case

Comes with a compact, durable carrying case to keep materials organized and to make sure that you always have the tool, drill bit, and screws on hand to complete your next project. As a bonus, we’ve molded a depth collar gauge into the case for handy reference.

Easy-Press Positioning Sliders

To properly set the jig, simply depress the button on the side of the jig and move the sliders so your material thickness is aligned with the arrow on the jig body. It’s that easy.

Glass-Reinforced Nylon Body

The blue body of every Kreg Jig® is made from a heavy-duty, glass-reinforced nylon. This composite material offers the resiliency and flexibility you need without sacrificing the strength and durability Kreg customers have come to expect.

Superior Angle

Unlike competing jigs with a shallower angle of approach, the Kreg Jig® R3 features an optimized drilling angle specifically designed to increase driving efficiency and minimize the overall size of the pocket hole. The result is a compact pocket hole, less than 11/2″ in size.

Wood Chip Relief

Sometimes the simplest things are the easiest to overlook. The Kreg Jig® R3 includes one wood chip relief hole for every drill guide hole, designed to keep the drill bit clear of excess wood chips, minimizing drill-torque, increasing the longevity of your drill bits, and allowing you to complete a perfect pocket hole in just one plunge.

Hardened-Steel Core

Kreg drill guides are subject to direct contact with the drill bit every time a pocket hole is created. The core of every Kreg Jig® R3 features hardened-steel, which carries a lifetime guarantee. The Kreg Jig® R3’s core shrouds the bit and supports the workpiece through 100% of the drill-stroke. The end result is minimal bit deflection, reduced tear-out, and a clean, pluggable pocket hole fit for finish work.

The Kreg Face Clamp is the perfect accessory for the R3 Jig.

  • Jaws offer 50.8mm reach
  • Paddle Handle for ease of use
  • Durable design
  • Clamp face locks into jig

Kreg Jig Junior (R3).

Body Material: Glass-Filled Nylon
Number of Drill Guides: (2) 3/8″-diameter standard Kreg pocket holes
For Use with: Materials from 12-38mm-thick
Drill Guide Spacings: 3mm increments
Clamping Method: Works with any Kreg Face Clamp
Screw-Centering Ability: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 29mm, 32mm, 35mm & 38mm.
Warranty: Lifetime Kreg Drill-Guide Warranty


  • Kreg Jig R3 W/Metric Markings
  • Clamp pad adapter
  • Stepped drill bit
  • 152mm square-drive bit
  • Stop collar
  • Allen wrench
  • Starter Kreg screw set,
  • Starter Kreg pocket-hole plug set
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Durable and compact carrying case
  • (1) Kreg Mini Face Clamp (KR KHC-MICRO)

Frequently Asked Question:

Question: Can I use any screw?


I wouldn’t use any other screw than a Kreg. The cost difference is relatively small, and their screws are far superior.

  • Self-tapping tip reduces chances for splitting.
  • Deep square drive never strips out.
  • Very hard steel; i’ve never had one break off in the hole (the frustration from having this happen even once with another screw will have you thinking as I do almost immediately).
  • They have a screw for everything.
  • Threads only go up 1/2 the screw, this prevents the screw from pushing the two workpieces apart.
    (Maybe the most important) Kreg screws have a flat bottom head which creates a solid joint and prevents splitting. This is a major difference Kreg has over many others.
  • They are designed to be the best option for pocket joints. You may be able to go to a hardware store and buy similar screws at a better price, but be sure they have self-tapping threads.

Kreg Screws are available in two main thread types:

Coarse thread – work best in soft woods
Fine thread – works best in hard woods

Buy Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws: >>>Click Here<<<


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9 reviews for Kreg Metric R3 Jig Pocket Hole System with Free 2″ Face Clamp

  1. lusvirkap

    The Kreg R3 Jig and clamp combo is a great affordable way to get started with pocket hole construction. It accelerated my home and work cabinet construction significantly.

  2. samvermaak

    This Kreg jig is a must for restorations work on chairs and tables.I restore a lot of old furniture and you can reach almost everywhere with this little tool

  3. Corne Louw (verified owner)

    This is a must have for pocket hole joinery, it makes clamping so much easier and work is so much faster. Well worth the money

  4. Johann Visser (verified owner)

    Nice affordable way to get into the pocket hole thing, very easy to use, actually used it on door frames using normal pine and it worked perfect

  5. Johann Visser (verified owner)

    Nice affordable way to get into the pocket hole thing, very easy to use, actually used it on door frames using normal pine and it worked perfect. Worth the money


    Use this tool a lot, my go-to tool for joining any kind of wood.

  7. cobus (verified owner)

    This tools makes creating pocket holes no problem. no gueswork. Everybody working with wood should have one.

  8. o.s

    I will definitely prefer this Kreg Metric R3 Jig pocket hole system to every one out there that wants something quick and easy to use ( BECAUSE TIME IS MONEY )

  9. EAL Projects (verified owner)

    Just so simple to use and a must have for joinery.

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