Dowel Rod Fluted 16X1000mm Per Each – DISCONTINUED


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Used in joinery of solid wood or particle boards.


The dowel is made from solid wood. Dowel rods are often cut into shorter lengths,
called dowel pins. In this case the dowel is 1000mm long and
16mm in diameter.

Dowels can be used for:

  • Furniture shelf supports.
  • Supports for hanging items such as clothing, key rings, tools etc.
  • Joinery.

Dowel-based joinery typically employs fluted dowel pins. A fluted dowel pin has
a series of parallel grooves cut along its length.


are the dowels fluted?

fluting provides channels through which excess glue (which is used to secure the
dowel pin in its hole) can escape as the dowel is inserted, thereby relieving the
hydraulic pressure that might otherwise split the timber when clamped together.


  • Using more than one dowel per joint, will strengthen the joinery and allignment.
  • Using a jig will make joinery with dowels a lot easier and speeds up the
    process. Have a look at the

    DOW20000 jig
    or the


To stregthen joinery with dowels, ensure that the drilled holes allign properly.


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