BORA 31″ Parallel Clamp (788mm) | 571131

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BORA 31″ Parallel Clamp (788mm) | 571131

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Experience superior clamping pressure and exceptional hold with the BORA 31″ (788mm) Parallel Clamp. Designed for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals, this clamp ensures rock-solid stability, allowing for more precise work and superior finished projects. With a clamping pressure of 1,100 lbs. (500kg) [498.95 kg], a 3.5-inch (88.9mm) padded jaw, and sizes ranging from 12″ to 50″, it becomes a versatile tool for various clamping needs.

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BORA 31″ Parallel Clamp (788mm) | 571131.

The BORA 31″ (788mm) Parallel Clamp is a top choice for woodworkers seeking precision clamping for case goods and woodworking projects. With a perfect amount of pressure (1,100 lbs. / 500kg) [498.95 kg] and a 3.5-inch (88.9mm) padded jaw, this clamp offers versatility in clamping various projects. The passive lock bottom jaw and large, easy-grip handle make clamping easy and efficient. The 3.5-inch (88.9mm) jaw ensures a secure grip for any job, providing consistent and even pressure.

Key Features:

  • Superior Clamping: Designed for precision clamping in case goods and woodworking projects.
  • Passive Lock Bottom: 3 ½” (88.9mm) Jaw, Keeps the jaw in place while winding the clamp, allowing for easy clamping.
  • Padded Jaws: Provide 1,100 lbs. (500kg) [498.95 kg] of constant, even pressure to prevent damage to your material.
  • Available in Several Sizes: Comes in various sizes (12”, 24”, 31”, 40”, and 50”) to ensure no project goes unclamped.
  • Top BORA Quality: Exceptional woodworking clamp specifically designed to meet the needs of woodworkers.


Passive Lock Bottom: 3 ½” (88.9mm) Throat
Padded Jaws Provide: 1,100 lbs. (500kg) [498.95 kg] of Pressure
Clamping Capacity: 31″ (788mm)
Weight: 5 lbs [2.27 kg]

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