Vernier Digital 4 Key 150mm Stainless Steel

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Vernier Digital 4 Key 150mm Stainless Steel

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Digital vernier caliper

Measuring length:

Readout: Digital
Material: Stainless steel
Accuracy: 0.05mm


The vernier caliper is used to give a direct reading of the distance measured
with high accuracy and precision.

There are two different vernier calipers available in the Tork Craft range:

  • Analog vernier calipers.
  • Digital vernier calipers.


Before using a vernier caliper:

  1. Make sure the workpiece being measuring is clean and has no burrs on
    the edges.
  2. Make sure the lathe is switched off when measuring a workpiece in a
  3. The temperature of the workpiece is required to be around 20°C to
    have consistent measuring results.
  4. Precision measuring tools should never be put near a magnetic area to
    avoid the vernier caliper being magnetized.


Digital vernier caliper

How to use and read a digital vernier caliper:

  1. Close the jaws completely and switch ON the vernier caliper.
  2. Press the ZERO button to calibrate the digital readout.
  3. Some digital vernier calipers have the option of selecting the UNIT from
    either imperial or metric. There are also digital vernier calipers available
    with FRACTIONAL readout (used when working with imperial units). Select the
    correct measuring unit.
  4. Open the jaws of the caliper and position
    both jaws firmly to the ends of the piece being measured.
  5. Tighten the locking screw so that the jaws don’t move.
  6. Switch the vernier caliper OFF when not in use.
  7. This method can be used to measure:
    • Depth by using the stem.
    • Inner dimensions by using the inner jaws.
    • Outer dimensions by using the outer jaws.
  8. The digital display will flash to indicate a low level battery.

Handling and care of vernier calipers:

  • The inside faces of the jaws and the outside tips must be treated with
    great care. The tool will no longer give accurate readings if the jaws are
    bent or worn.
  • Wipe the faces of the vernier caliper clean from dust or dirt.
  • The accuracy should be periodically checked by measuring a known dimension.
  • A vernier caliper is a measuring instrument and should be safely stowed
    away to prevent any damage that might occur.


Digital vernier caliper

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