Vernier 200mm Digital 4 Key (ME14200)

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Vernier 200mm Digital 4 Key (ME14200)

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The vernier caliper is used to give a direct reading of the distance measured with high accuracy and precision.
There are two different vernier calipers available in the Tork Craft range:

  • Analog vernier calipers.
  • Digital vernier calipers.

Before using a vernier caliper:

  • Make sure the workpiece being measuring is clean and has no burrs on the edges.
  • Make sure the lathe is switched off when measuring a workpiece in a lathe.
  • The temperature of the workpiece is required to be around 20°C to have consistent measuring results.
  • Precision measuring tools should never be put near a magnetic area to avoid the vernier caliper being magnetized.

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