BORA Adjustable Speedhorse XT | PM-4550

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BORA Adjustable Speedhorse XT | PM-4550

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Experience the ultimate in heavy-duty and versatile sawhorses with the BORA Adjustable Speedhorse XT (PM-4550). Offering all the benefits of the signature PM-4500 Speedhorse, this model features independently adjustable legs, allowing you to extend the height from 30″ to 36″ in 1″ increments. With a robust design and the ability to support up to 1500 lbs. per unit, the Speedhorse XT is ready to tackle any job, on any terrain.

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BORA Adjustable Speedhorse XT | PM-4550.

The BORA Adjustable Speedhorse XT (PM-4550) is a game-changer in the world of sawhorses. Building upon the success of the PM-4500 Speedhorse, this model introduces individually extendable legs, providing unmatched flexibility. Adjust the height from 30″ to 36″, accommodating your specific needs and compensating for uneven ground. The heavy-duty design ensures stability, and with non-sequential leg folding, pre-drilled top, and end slots for 2x material, the Speedhorse XT simplifies your setup and teardown process. Experience a sawhorse that can keep up with your demands — experience the Speedhorse XT.

Key Features:

  • Individually Adjustable Legs: Legs can be adjusted independently in 1″ increments, allowing the height to range from 30″ to 36″.
  • Compensate for Uneven Terrain: Extend each leg to the required height, providing stability on jobsites with uneven ground.
  • Instant Setup and Teardown: Pull the lever for instant setup, and readjust the legs to 30″ for easy teardown.
  • High Weight Capacity: Each unit can support 1500 lbs., outperforming competitors by 200 lbs.
  • Non-Sequential Leg Folding: Simplifies the folding process for quick and convenient storage.
  • Pre-Drilled Top and End Slots: Accommodates 2x material, enhancing versatility for various woodworking tasks.


Product Name: BORA Adjustable Speedhorse XT
SKU: PM-4550
UPC Code: 878258006378
Item Height: 45 inches (1143mm)
Item Length: 6 inches (152.4mm)
Weight: 22.00 lbs (9.98 kg)
Item Width: 3.25 inches (82.55mm)
Model Number: PM-4550


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