Premium Dado Sets – What to Look For

WoodRiver - 8" Stacked Dado Set Saw Blade

A few months ago, the popular local branded more affordable dado sets which were widely distributed across the country had a few quality issues which deemed it unfit for the job that they were created to perform: to cut clean and accurate grooves for quick joinery. As a result Tools4Wood has since restocked and begun to start selling premium dado sets from both Pro-Tech and Freud. These blades last for a far longer period in comparison to the easier on the pocket dado blades which would not last as long. These Premium blades also ensure that the user gets the best quality of cut, every time.

A stack dado blade set consists of two outer scoring blades and a number of chipper blades. The two scoring blades are used in combination with a specific number of chippers to obtain a cut of the desired width. Both scoring blades are always used in the stack — positioned on either side. (There is a right and left blade.) They are responsible for cutting clean, smooth shoulders. The chippers simply remove the waste from between the scoring blades.

The overall range of widths that a dado blade can be set up to cut is pretty standard — 6mm to 24mm. So this isn’t a factor when choosing a blade as this is usually determined by the stack of blades on the set.

Dado Duel

The maximum depth of cut, determined by the diameter of the blade, is something to consider. Many dado set models come in both 6″ and 8″ diameters. (8″ is more common.) You’ll find that the extra depth of cut offered by the larger blade can come in handy and is worth the slight extra cost.

On dado sets, the chipper are simply designed to remove the waste between the two scoring blades and create a flat surface. Consequently, the chipper teeth are all ground flat. And since the chippers are not responsible for the shoulder cuts, fewer teeth per blade are required. The lower-priced blades get by with only two teeth per blade. You’ll find four or even six on the higher quality blades (photo below). As you would expect, a greater number of teeth on the chippers leaves a smoother, flatter surface in all types of materials. An added benefit is a less “choppy” cutting action that makes feeding the workpiece noticeably easier.

Pro-Tech Dado Blade Set

Pro-Tech - Dado Blade Set 203MM X 15.88 X 24T 4 X 1/8", 3/32",1/16" Chip 27.5MM | Tools4Wood

With a maximum width of cut of 27.5mm, the Pro-Tech Dado Set Stack is an ideal and premium set which will not tire.







Freud SD208S 8″ Pro Dado Set

Freud 8" Dial-A-Width Dado SD608

The Freud SD208S Stacked Dado Set has a true 8” diameter and an optimized blade design for premium performance on all safety brake equipped and underpowered saws. This dado set delivers chip and splinter free flat-bottomed grooves in plywood, melamine and solid wood.  The SD208S is compatible with all saws including Saw Stop, Jet, Dewalt, Bosch, and more. It produces grooves ranging in sizes from 1/4″ to 7/8”.

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  1. mike4

    To be frank, the vast majority of TorkCraft products are third rate, imported, rebranded junk. It does meet a price point that makes it popular in South Africa but that’s about all it’s got going for it.