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Getting a compressor doesn’t always have to be for industrial or workshop purposes only. Sometimes, you need to use compressed air for a different and much smaller function. For painting on crafts, body art, or even for make-up work, a small airbrushing compressor is exactly what you need.

AirCraft is a great brand to begin your new airbrushing or sandblasting journey today.

But first, let’s look at the basic components and their purposes:

Types of Airbrushes

Single Action 

A single-action airbrush can only be pressed down and can’t move in any other direction. While you can’t move the trigger around, you can still control the amount of paint that the brush releases. You just have to adjust the nozzle size to your desired setting before painting.

Single-action airbrushes are appropriate for beginners because they are the most affordable and the simplest to use. The tool’s trigger feels very similar to the top of an aerosol spray paint can. While they work well, they’re not suited for projects requiring a lot of detail or the ability to control the paint’s flow. Single-action airbrushes work well for painting furniture, detailing cars, or crafting larger designs on bigger surfaces.

Dual Action

Without a doubt, the dual-action airbrush is the most popular type for both professionals and enthusiasts. Also referred to as a dual independent control brush, this model’s trigger allows you to manage the paint volume and airflow precisely. Pushing the trigger down releases the air, and pulling the trigger backward releases the paint. The farther back you pull the trigger, the more paint flows out.

Because these tools are a more advanced type of airbrush, it takes some practice. However, most users find they love how the tool gives them the ability to customize and control the paint. That capability makes dual-action airbrushes ideal for applying makeup, temporary tattoos, or painting miniatures.

Pistol Grip 

Another common, though harder to find, type of airbrush is the pistol grip. Characterized by its pistol-style trigger shape, this model looks more like a spray gun than an aerosol can. When you pull the trigger backward, the valve opens and first releases air then releases paint. The harder you pull the trigger, the more paint is released.

This kind of airbrush is more ergonomically comfortable than others and helps prevent hand strain from long painting sessions. Plus, it’s more comfortable for those with decreased mobility. Many relate a pistol-grip airbrush to a single-action airbrush. However, pistol-grip types tend to be more expensive.

Pistol-grip airbrushes can be used for all sizes and styles of projects; however, they’re typically used for larger projects like customized furniture and building exteriors.

Feeder Types

An airbrush’s type of feed is the mechanism that feeds the paint into the body of the airbrush. There are three common types of feeds found in today’s models: side feed, gravity feed, and siphon-feed.

Siphon feeds use fast-moving air to generate a low-pressure zone at the tip of the nozzle that pulls the paint up through the airbrush’s stem where it becomes atomized. While they require more air, they also hold more paint. On the other hand, gravity feeds pulls the paint down to the nozzle tip using—you guessed it—gravity. They use less air and can spray small, finer details than airbrushes with other feeds.

The side feed is a cross between the siphon and the gravity feed. It pulls air using both directions, depending on how much paint is in the brush. Because they operate on lower pressure settings, gravity-feed airbrushes are better reserved for projects with fine lines and details. Siphon feeds are better for large projects, as they can hold more paint. Side-feed airbrushes usually come with a lot of attachments and are very adaptable, which can be a plus for artists who are constantly switching up the size and detail of their projects.

AirCraft Kits Currently Available

Compressor for Airbrush 1CYL On Tank 3LTR (AS189)

The compressor is designed for airbrush use. It will switch off when the tank is full and will switch on during use.

A filter and water trap is fitted to ensure the media in the airbrush isn’t contaminated with dust or water. The oil-less piston motor is thermally protected, has low maintenance (drain tank) and runs at a low noise ≤ 50dB.

The airbrush compressor is designed for artists who demand a quality finish.

AirCraft Compressor for Airbrush 1 Cyl. W/Reg & Filter (SG COMP04)

Comp04 kit

This quality airbrush set and the high-performance, oil-free piston compressor COMP04 offers airbrush specialists complete flexibility in all areas. Neatly equipped with a filter/water trap and regulator, making this setup a convenient option for everyone.

We offer a vast range of accessories, hoses and range of airbrushes to enhance this kit even further. A quiet running airbrush compressor with auto stop function – meaning it only runs while you are using the airbrush.

Supplied as seen in the photo with a suction feed airbrush.


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