Guide To Adhesives

A simple guide to using adhesives and glues.


Laying down a uniform film of glue that’s just the right thickness can be tough. The bigger the surface, the harder it is to get the glue uniform, and apply it quickly.


Here’s a tip that just might prevent you from screwing up your next glue-up. Use a piece of threaded rod to squeegee the glue across the surface. The glue left behind by the threaded surface will create a perfect glue film.


Here’s how:

1. Drizzle glue onto one face of the glue-up.
2. Pull the threaded rod through the glue. The glue film should cover the entire face. If it doesn’t, add more glue.
3. Clamp the boards and allow to dry. Wash the threaded rod so you can use it again.


ReferenceWoodworkers’s Journal

woodworkers journal



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