Saw Horses

A portable sawhorse is a collapsible or foldable stand that is used to support boards or other materials while they are being cut with a saw or other cutting tool. Sawhorses are commonly used by carpenters, woodworkers, and construction workers to create a stable work surface that can be adjusted to different heights and angles.

Portable sawhorses are designed to be lightweight and easy to move from one location to another, making them a convenient tool for on-site work or projects that require mobility. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, or metal, and they typically have adjustable legs or supports that can be raised or lowered to accommodate different work heights.

Some portable sawhorses are also designed to be collapsible or foldable, allowing them to be easily stored or transported when not in use. This can be especially useful for contractors or DIY enthusiasts who need to move their tools from job site to job site, or for those with limited storage space.

Portable sawhorses are a versatile and essential tool for anyone working with wood or other materials that need to be cut. They provide a sturdy and stable work surface that can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different projects and tasks.

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