Sabre Saws

Sabre Saws (also saber saw), also known as Reciprocating Saws, can virtually cut through any building material. This tool is mainly used for remodeling and demolition, it is also great for trimming tree branches. With a Sabre Saw, you can cut through lumber even if it is embedded with nails. It can also cut all common forms of metal; cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum.

What is the difference between a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw?

A jigsaw, or a saber saw, is a type of reciprocating saw, only Jigsaws is used for tight and intricate type cuts as the blade is small. Reciprocating saw also performs a cutting task in various materials. It is used for brute force cutting through wood and metal. A reciprocating saw offers clean and precision cutting performance.

There are two types of Sabre Saw – cordless and corded

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