Acer Marking Pens and Pencils

ACER Professional Marking Pens & Pencils. Deep hole pencils can easily mark through joists and beams. Reversible nibs allow for thin and thick lines to be drawn with a single pen. Shop Online for Wood Work Marking Tools in South Africa. Free Delivery on orders over R1000.

Measure twice, cut once. Acer – The Tradesmans Mark – have developed a range of specialist marking tools to satisfy this ages old adage. The Acer Proffesional Marker Pen sets itself apart thanks to it’s unique double tipped nib allowing the woodworker to draw both thin and thick lines by simply reversing the direction of the pen. This is particularly useful when marking plans and timber, or denoting which cutting process is to be used for that specific cut.

The Acer Deep Hole Pencil has a 120mm long retractable and interchangeable lead. This allows the woodworker to mark right through drill holes, or thin gaps. This is extremely useful when marking through beams & joists during deck or roof construction.

A complete range of Kits are available which will satisfy not only Woodworkers but all tradesman including plumbers, electricians, handymen, tilers, roofers, bathroom fitter and carpet fitter. Extremely useful for craft projects at home as well.

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