Tork Craft Hole Saws – Getting the best results out of your hole saw

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Getting the best results out of your hole saw .


  1. A drill or drill press fitted with a 3-jaw chuck
  2. A mandrel equipped with a pilot drill bit for the material being drilled into
  3. PPE Personal Protection Equipment i.e. safety goggles
  4. Various mandrels are available for different hole saws and hole saw diameters. The pin-type mandrel is used with hole saws larger than Ø 32mm. The pins need to be secured in the back of the hole saw when in use
  5. Consider the material being drilled into as mandrels can be supplied with a masonry drill bit or a steel drill bit.

The bimetal hole saw:

Tork Craft bimetal hole saws

  • The Bi-metal hole saw’s fast cutting power lies behind its HSS (hi-speed steel) manufactured teeth. The teeth have been set to a variable pitch to improve harmonic vibration and improve chip clearance.
  • The hole saw can be used to cut into:
  • Aluminium, Copper, Mild steel (sheet metal), Stainless steel (sheet metal), Zinc, Wood, Drywall (plasterboard), PVC

The carbon steel hole saw:

Tork Craft carbon steel hole saws

  • Carbon steel hole saws are a more affordable option compared to bi-metal hole saws. They are limited to a shallower cut. Not designed to cut into metals.
  • The hole saw can be used to cut into:
  • Wood, Drywall (plasterboard), PVC

The diamond grit hole saw:

Tork Craft diamond grit hole saws

  • The hole saw is made from a tough steel body covered in a chrome finish. The cutting edge is covered with a permanently bonded electro-plated diamond grit coating.
  • The hole saw can be used to cut into:
  • Bricks, Roof tiles, Slate, Ceramics, Tiles, Marble/Granite, Reinforced plastics, Glass resins, Asbestos

The tungsten grit hole saw:

Tork Craft tungsten grit hole saws

  • The hole saw’s cup design is manufactured from special alloy steel and the cutting edges are Tungsten Carbide gritted. It is specially designed to drill into abrasive materials.
  • The hole saw can be used to cut into:
  • Fibreglass, Kevlar, Asbestos, Graphite, Carbon, Brick, Tiles, Plaster slabs, Walls, Light stones, Weatherboard

The HSS hole saw:

Tork Craft HSS hole saws

  • The HSS (hi-speed steel) hole saw is uniquely designed for cutting holes in sheet metals up to 3mm in thickness.
  • The hole saw can be used to cut into:
  • Steel, Brass, Fibre-reinforced plastic

Tips and Tricks:

  1. If it is possible, use a hole saw in a drill press. A drill press enables you to clamp the workpiece down and also ensures that the hole is drilled straight. Also, greater control over the speed and pressure is achievable.
  2. Cutting holes with a hole saw is hard work for a drill and it is possible to burn out the drill if not careful. Should the housing of the drill get hot, allow the drill to cool down. Drilling a hole on the inside edge of the cutting path should assist in chip clearance and ease the load of drilling.
  3. When drilling holes that need to look tidy, clamp a sacrificial backer board on the bottom of the workpiece, this should prevent splintering on the exit side and protect the drill press table.
  4. When using a portable drill, fit the auxiliary handle, this should give better control and help protect your wrist should the hole saw bind in the material. Also, refrain from using the trigger lock.
  5. The larger the diameter, the slower the speed. Please see the speed chart at the bottom of the page.

Recommended RPM speed chart:

Ø 14mm5803004007909003000
Ø 16mm;5502753657308253000
Ø 17mm5002503306657503000
Ø 19mm4602303006006903000
Ø 20mm4352402905806603000
Ø 21mm4252102805606353000
Ø 22mm3901952605205853000
Ø 24mm3701852454955553000
Ø 25mm3501752354705252700
Ø 27mm3251602154354802700
Ø 29mm3001502004004502700
Ø 30mm2851451903804252400
Ø 32mm2751401803604102400
Ø 33mm2601351753453902400
Ø 35mm2501251653303752400
Ø 37mm2401201603153602400
Ø 38mm2301151503003452400
Ø 40mm2201101452903302100
Ø 41mm2101051402803152100
Ø 43mm2051001352703052100
Ø 44mm195951302602952100
Ø 46mm190951252502852100
Ø 48mm180901202402702100
Ø 51mm170851152302552000
Ø 52mm165801102202452000
Ø 54mm160801052102402000
Ø 57mm150751002002252000
Ø 59mm145751001952252000
Ø 60mm14070951902202000
Ø 64mm13565901802051800
Ø 65mm13065851752001800
Ø 67mm13065851701951800
Ø 68mm13065851701951800
Ø 70mm12560801601851800
Ø 73mm12060801601801800
Ø 76mm11555751501701500
Ø 79mm11055701401651500
Ø 83mm10550701401551500
Ø 86mm10050651301501200
Ø 89mm9545651301451200
Ø 92mm9545601201401200
Ø 95mm9045601201351200
Ø 98mm9045601201351200
Ø 102mm8540551101301000
Ø 105mm8040551101201000
Ø 108mm804055110120900
Ø 111mm804050100120900
Ø 114mm753550100105900
Ø 121mm7035459595900
Ø 127mm6530459090800
Ø 133mm6530459090800
Ø 140mm6025408585800
Ø 146mm6025408585800
Ø 152mm5525357575800


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