Wolfcraft Woodworking Work Tables – New Workbenches

Known as one of the premium brand names in woodworking, the German company Wolfcraft has managed to scratch the surface of almost every common woodworking problem. At times, Wolfcraft accessories have found solutions to problems which we may not have yet even noticed as yet. The innovative nature of the company’s offerings often expands the viewpoint and approach of a woodworker by presenting different ways to go about any task.

In our previous article, Wolfcraft Jigs – Tools & Accessories That Make You Think Differently, we explored some of these innovative and sometimes peculiar solutions from Wolfcraft. Today, we will be looking at some of the new worktables which have just hit the South African shores in 2021.

This range of worktables is suitable for every woodworker wishing to improve their efficiency, ability, and comfort.

Wolfcraft MASTER Cut 2500 Saw Table & Work Station

MASTER cut 2500 Saw Table and Work Station

At the top of the range, the Wolfcraft MASTER Cut 2500 is the ultimate multipurpose saw table that combines six of the most valuable functions in one product. The Wolfcraft Master Cut 2500 can be used as a workstation, circular saw bench, guided circular saw bench, jigsaw table, miter saw table, and milling table with the optional accessory, the MASTER Cut 2500 is ideally suited to all trades involved in interior works. 

This great multifunctional worktable also includes a removable riving knife, it is one of the few machine tables that can also be used with circular saws without a riving knife. The machine plate is height-adjustable, offering you a flat transition to the worktop even with heavy machines. 

When the Wolfcraft MASTER Cut is used as a circular saw bench, the parallel stop permits guided cuts up to a cutting width of 570 mm and a cutting length of 740 mm. The angle stop is equipped with spring-guided compensation and gliding elements. It permits a convenient series of angular cuts of up to 120°. 

The machine table can also be used to hold even solid wood boards with ease thanks to its load capacity of 120 kg. Once the work is done, the MASTER cut 2500 can be folded up compactly and stored. With just one product you are reliably and effectively prepared for countless challenges around the home.

Wolfcraft MASTER Work 1600 Workbench

MASTER work 1600 Working table

For a solution that isn’t quite as heavily involved as the MASTER Cut 2500, the Wolfcraft MASTER Work 1600 mobile workbench can be used as a work table and it also offers numerous clamping and fastening options for stationary devices.

The stable and sturdy frame found on the Wolfcraft Master Work 1600 Workbench is made of aluminium and can also be folded making it a great solution for both the home and on-site worker. 

The 1035 x 695 mm work surface made of 22 mm MDF, with a load capacity of 120 kg, is suitable for almost any project. With the height-adjustable foot, you can control the position on uneven terrain, so that the table has a stable and secure stand. In the integrated 20 mm bores, you can flexibly position clamping claws, clamps, and other clamping aids. Special slotted holes enable the use of the Wolfcraft one-hand clamps in the tabletop area. With just one product, you are reliably and effectively prepared for countless challenges around the home.

Wolfcraft Master Cut 1500

MASTER cut 1500 Work and Machine Table

The Wolfcraft Master Cut 1500 is a universal work and machine table which gives you the ability to convert commercially available hand-held circular saws, jigsaws, and – with the separate milling stop – even routers into stationary devices. 

This great quality DIY multipurpose worktable includes a removable splitter for added safety and the machine plate is height-adjustable, offering you a flat transition to the worktop even with heavy machines. When using the Wolfcraft Master Cut 1500 as a circular saw bench, the parallel stop enables you to achieve cuts up to a cutting width of 390 mm. The angle stop permits a convenient series of precise cuts of up to 180°, while a new, spring-loaded gliding element ensures optimum stability and a professional cut. 

The MASTER Cut 1500 can also be used as a clamping and work table. The machine table can hold even solid wood boards with ease thanks to its load capacity of 200 kg. The folding system adds additional fixing bolts and cross struts to ensure that the innovative machine table is sturdy and safe. Once the work is done, the MASTER Cut 1500 can be folded up to save space and stored conveniently in the smallest of spaces thanks to a net weight of just 17 kg and small transport wheels.

Wolfcraft MASTER 200 Clamping & Working Table

MASTER 200 Clamping and Working Table

For a far simpler and more compact solution, look no further than the Wolfcraft Master 200 Clamping & Working Table. The Wolfcraft MASTER 200 is a folding, multi-purpose clamping and working table with a durable MDF top. The worktable has a comfortable working height of 80 cm. The integrated tool ledge keeps your tools right at hand. The two cranks allow the 64.5 x 30 cm table surface of the MASTER 200 to be split. You can use the intermediate space created to fasten workpieces with a clamping width of up to 14.5 cm securely and effortlessly. 

The Wolfcraft Master 200 also includes a plastic-handle vice which can be used for larger clamping widths of up to 36.5 cm by simply inserting them into the depressions in the tabletop provided for this purpose. This ultra-portable workbench can be folded flat to a space-saving 64.5 x 19 x 103.5 cm using a sturdy quick-folding mechanism with eccentric levers. Although it weighs only 12 kg, the table can support a 180 kg load and is extremely stable during use. 

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