T-Tracks – Yes, There’s More

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Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly have more to say about these efficient and economical time and space-savers – we keep finding more innovations that build on to evolve and improve this very simple idea of working. T-tracks are extremely versatile tools that have a variety of useful applications in the workshop. These applications can be attached to the fence of a chop saw, drill press or router table to provide a quick, secure place to attach feather boards, stops, and hold-downs. It also makes a great addition to jigs and fixtures with parts that need to be adjustable or easily removed.

Woodriver Fence Adapter T-Track

WoodRiver - 24" Fence Adapter T-Track

WoodRiver® Fence Adapter T-Track is the easiest way to make fence faces for your miter gauge, router table, or drill press. The L-shaped profile contains two 1/4″ T-Track profiles that mount to the back of nominal 3/4″/18mm plywood or MDF frame material. 

Front opening T-Track rests on the top edge of your fence face material to hold 1/4″ bolt heads and nuts to attach stops, featherboards, and other accessories. Shallow top opening T-Track can be used to hold 1/4″ T-Bolts for stops and guides. Durable extruded aluminum construction with a V-groove on the rear of the track to help align holes that you drill for mounting.


Woodriver Multi-Track – 3X – 24″

WoodRiver - Multi-Track - 3X - 24"

Use this versatile WoodRiver® extruded aluminum Multi-Track to configure and build your fence for miter saws, routers, table saws, and miter gauges. Each side of the track has T-Slots that allow you to combine tracks to build jigs and fixtures with optional hold-downs and fence stops. This track is designed for use with standard 1/4″ -20 T-Nuts to allow for a clean assembly without the need for drilling.


Woodriver Multi-Track Flip-Stop 3X

WoodRiver - Multi-Track Flip-Stop 3X

Use this fence Flip Stop to complement the WoodRiver® Multi-Track 3X Aluminum Extrusion when building shop fixtures that require repeatable cuts. Flip Stop attaches to the top rail of Multi-Track Extrusions using the included 1/4″ -20 T-Bolt and Knob. Conveniently flips out of the way when not needed.

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