New Wolfcraft Jigs & Tools To Make You Smarter

Known as one of the premium brand names in woodworking, the German company Wolfcraft has managed to scratch the surface of almost every common woodworking problem. At times, Wolfcraft accessories have found solutions to problems which we may not have yet even noticed as yet. The innovative nature of the company’s offerings often expands the viewpoint and approach of a woodworker by presenting different ways to go about any task.

In our previous article, Wolfcraft Jigs – Tools & Accessories That Make You Think Differently, we explored some of these innovative and sometimes peculiar solutions from Wolfcraft. Today, we will be looking at some of the new worktables which have just hit the South African shores in 2021.

Today, we explore some of these innovative and sometimes peculiar solutions from Wolfcraft.

Wolfcraft Angular Bevel & Marking Gauge (6958000)

Wolfcraft Angular Bevel & Marking Gauge | 6958000

The angular bevel gauge is a smart solution for convenient measurement of angles with subsequent transfer to the workpiece – ideal for laying floors or in furniture construction. The first step is to push the two plastic legs into the corner of the wall and align them along the walls. Use the locking lever to fasten them in position. 

The lever is designed for easy operation with only one hand from either side, even in tight working areas. The next step is to position the angular bevel gauge on your workpiece and mark the angle. The angular bevel gauge is also ideal for use as a scratch gauge (for marking parallel lines). This is made easy by the scale on the moving legs and the guide hole for the pencil. Simply position the stop, insert the pencil and pull the angular bevel gauge across the workpiece.

Wolfcraft Universal Angle & Try Square 500mm (5206000)

Wolfcraft - Universal Angle & Try Square 500mm | 5206000

The steel universal measuring aid and marking template brings a wide range of functions together in a single tool. The universal angle & try square lets you determine and transfer distances and angular measurements with ease. Being guided by the sturdy limit stop and hole line means you can effortlessly draw parallel lines with a pencil. 

You can quickly dismantle the limit stop on the angle rail so you can mark or measure surfaces precisely. For transferring curves and circles to workpieces, you simply use the universal angle as a compass. The two fixed radii on the angle measuring scale allow you to quickly transfer curves, e.g. for rounded corners on boards. 

The angle acts as a stable leading edge when using a jigsaw. It will quickly become indispensable when laying laminate or making furniture. Whether you need an integrated 45° limit stop, 32-hole line, or drilling template for concealed hinges, with the universal angle & try square, you’ll be well-equipped to take on any project.

Wolfcraft Bevel and Mitre Box (6948000)

Wolfcraft Bevel and Mitre Box | 6948000

The bevel gauge and mitre box for measuring and sawing precise mitres is a clever 2-in-1 product that guarantees you perfectly fitted baseboards, eliminating the need for an angular bevel gauge. You will also save yourself the tedious and error-prone task of transferring the correct angle to the saw.

Measure corners from 85-180° conveniently using the two moving arms. In the second step, place the baseboard in the guides provided and saw using the backsaw. The automatic angle bisector using 2 guide pins ensures precise mitres. Using the bevel and mitre box, you will be able to achieve perfect baseboard transitions even in the most skewed of corners that old buildings have to offer.

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