How to Hang an Interior Door

Difficulty: Moderate/Intermediate

The main tools you’ll need:

Step 1: First things first. If you are replacing an internal door, start by unscrewing the bottom hinges first and then the top hinges of the old door. If the hinges have been painted over then scrape off as much of the old paint as possible (you’ll need to measure them against the new hinges and thick layers of old paint can affect the measurements.) If you do need to cut the door, we recommend using a plunge cut circular saw.

Step 2: This task is undoubtedly easier if you use a pre-cut door, but even those need to be checked to make sure they’re a perfect fit. Ideally you want a 2mm gap on either side of the door and at the top. Remember that if you have a carpeted floor, this gap needs to be 5-10mm, depending on how thick the carpet is.

Step 3: The next step is to attach the new hinges to the door frame. If the new hinges don’t fit against the old ones on the frame then rest them on the bottom of the existing hinge recess on the frame and make a mark along the top of the new hinge. To ensure accuracy, the best way to do this is to prop the door in the frame and rest it on wedges that give it the correct 2mm gap at the bottom of the door. Remember to mark both the top and the bottom of the hinges where they will fit on the door.

Mark hinges on the frame

Next, cut out the excess wood with a chisel and mallet. Make sure the new hinge sits flush to the door frame before screwing it in with a single screw, which allows for easier adjustments at a later stage.

Cut out excess wood

Step 4: Now you need to attach the hinges to the door. Start by unscrewing the hinges from the door frame and placing them on the edge of the door, being careful to line them up with the pencil marks you made in step 3. Use the chisel and mallet to tap around the outline of the hinge shapes, making a series of cuts across the wood at 5mm intervals to the same depth as the flap. Check again to make sure the hinges sit flush and again use one screw to attach each hinge. If you are satisfied that it’s a good fit, then go ahead and secure the remainder of the screws.

Attach hinges to frame

Step 5: Alright, so it’s time to hang your door! (AKA ‘The Moment of Truth’). Once again, support the door on wedges to make sure that the 2mm gap at the bottom is maintained and everything is aligned. Attach the hinge flaps to the door frame with one screw and check that the door opens and closes easily before securing the last of the screws.

Attach hinges to door frame

Et voila! Nicely done!

Check door opens and closes easily

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