Drill Press Basics: Best Drill Stands in 2020 (REVIEW)

▷ 7 Best Drill Presses Stands For Hand Drills (MUST READ Reviews ...With so many new brand names and gimmicky products introduced on the market, we have been overwhelmed with how this category of power tool accessories has grown. This growth owes itself mostly to the reality that as we move into more modern and suburban environments, woodworking becomes an ever-increasing factor to consider when either establishing a new workshop or simply deciding whether to introduce a new tool to your arsenal or not.

More than the, most woodworkers already have a corded impact or rotary drill at home so the purchase of a drill stand usually comes in a fraction of the cost of a new drill press.

Although there are probably a lot more than 5 Drill Stand Solutions currently available on the market, today’s review looks at the most tried and tested products. Many of which we have grown very fond of as they have persevered with us over the years.

Wolfcraft Drill Stand (5027000)

Wolfcraft Drill Stand (5027000)When you’re looking to purchase a drill press but don’t have enough space or simply cannot afford one, the closest alternative would be the solution offered by the robust Wolfcraft Drill Stand (5027000). As our best selling drill stand, the Wolfcraft (5027000) Drill Stand is built with durability and precision in mind.

The strong cast-iron plate is made to the typical high-quality German standard that we have grown to expect from Wolfcraft. The plate is milled with clamping grooves to allow for the addition of vices and clamping blocks.

The drill collar mount fits onto a long 40mm round column with a screwed on a toothed rack to ensure that there is no twisting when drilling on this stand. Wolfcraft Drill Stand (5027000) offers a 305mm quill stroke.

Wolfcraft Drill Stand (5027000)

The integrated return spring on the handle allows for the head to return to the set position shortly after drilling. This combined with the locking button and adjustable depth scale ring makes series drilling a far less painful process.

Although inexpensive, especially when one considers the high level of quality that these are made in, sometimes a much cheaper and rudimentary solution is required.

The Torkcraft Drill Stand for Portable Drills (TC04700) was made specifically for the DIY worker who doesn’t foresee having to do this work soon and does not mind compromising on precision and quality for the specific task at hand.
Drill Stand for Portable Drills (TC04700)

A far more stripped-down version of the Wolfcraft Drill Stand (5027000), the Torkcraft (TC04700) Drill Stand is best used for application when accuracy is not a major concern ie: working with rasps, burrs, grinding stones and for countersinking metal.

Wolfcraft Tecmobil – Mobile Drilling Stand

Sometimes your need for a drill stand may take you away from your workshop. Sometimes you require the same precision and straight drilling, but need drill on the wall, overhead, in battens, and shaped sections. This is where the Wolfcraft Tecmobil – Mobile Drilling Stand is irreplaceable.

With the ability to set the desired angle to drill, this mobile drill stand adds more functionality to your drill and allows for the possibility of applications that you may not have ever considered.

Like most drill stands, the Wolfcraft Tecmobil Drill Stand also features an adjustable depth stop, a straight guide for drilling multiple holes in a line and a base plate which has a centering mechanism that aligns the drill – taking away a lot of guesswork.

The Wolfcraft Tecmobil Drill Stand also has a few noteworthy features which can hardly be found on most drill stands. The addition of a dust extraction port allows for dust-free drilling. The drill stand also comes with an additional handle to secure the stand in place against odd bases, like the wall. The base of the Wolfcraft Tecmobil Drill also has four holes, allowing the user to make the mobile drilling stand – stationary.

Special Note: All these drill stands and many of the others found on the market all accept the same Euronorm collar diameter of 43mm. This is the standard collar size on most household rotary/impact drills. For a drill stand which you can use with your cordless portable drill would be the General Tools AccuDrill Precision Drill Guide, Model 36/37.

This drill stands has the advantage of an additional chuck fixed onto the stand itself. Making it ideal for all your cordless drills.

General Tools - AccuDrill Precision Drill Guide, Model 36/37 ...View our full range of our Drill Stands on Tools4Wood.

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