Cutting Cordless, Is It Worth The Extra Cost?

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By now, we all know about the benefits of going cordless especially when it comes to the use of drills and drivers which usually need to be used together for a single job. For table saws, portable circular saws, and miter saws however, the cordless option is a fairly new one. And an especially mind numbing contemplation for woodworkers and contractors alike. Once one considers exactly what the cost implication of this exercise is, one is quick to analyze exactly why you’d pay three to four times as much for the same saw – but cordless.

Today, we investigate just that: is cordless sawing worth the heavy price that accompanies it?

Being able to lug your circular saw around without being limited to the confines of a 3.5m cord, is certainly a large advantage. When one considers that more and more woodworkers are finding themselves residing in cities where a “workshop” is just a single-sided car garage. This is especially also useful to the contractor working on-site where the nearest power point may be hundreds of meters away.

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Ever had to use a corded circular saw and after a while you find yourself resenting the cord for always getting in the way of your cuts? Yes, clarity of cutting view as well as increased control are a big advantage of cordless saws.

Saving power is also a great reason why you may want to go cordless. For woodworkers who are generally getting their wood precut to manageable sizes and simply require the circular saw for final processing and/or joinery – you could save a lot of power going cordless. Not having to constantly draw power from the wall socket will mean that your single charge will be a lot more energy-efficient.

Now going cordless does also present a few considerable drawbacks.

While saving you power, the cordless circular saw also loses power the more you use it, and without a consistent power source that means that you will eventually run out of juice and have to recharge. Corded saws also happen to be generally more powerful than their cordless counterparts. 

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The mobility advantage of the cordless saws may sometimes be compromised by the fact that the battery also usually means a heavier machine which could make prolonged use very exhausting.

So while there are advantages and disadvantages to both options, in an ideal world having both options in your arsenal would be the most ideal. This is where Using A Singular Platform for your tools plays a very big role in saving you tons!



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