Build a student desk with the Kreg Jig

I always end my articles with “Have Fun” and boy oh boy will you have fun with this one! That’s the whole point – its standing back and having a huge sense of accomplishment after building something with your own two hands.This particular design is simple and easy to put together with only 4 parts to contend with: 1x Top; 2x Sides; 1x Modesty Panel.


One important tip with grained melamine is to always make sure the grain is running the right way. For example the two sides must match with the grain running down. Get your local board supplier to do the cutting and edging – make sure to ask for 2mm impact edging which is far more durable than 1mm.

Step 1: Drilling your Pocket Holes

Setup your Kreg jig – if you are using 16mm panels make sure your jig is setup to 5/8th inch and the Kreg Drill bit also 5/8th Inch. Plan where you will be drilling your pocket holes and make sure to line them up to match so as to look neat.

Remember the only panels we are drilling are the sides and the modesty panel because with the Kreg Jig you only drill one hole to join two panels. Drill two pocket holes for each side panel about 15mm from the edge of the panels.

Figure 1: Side Panels – drill 2 pocket holes on each panel

Drill 4 pocket holes about 15mm in for the modesty panel.

Figure 2: Modesty Panel – drill 4 Pocket Holes

Step 2: Assembly

Start with hammering in some glides on each side panel just to give that extra little bit of protection on the bottom of the desk.

Figure 3: Furniture Guides.

Another great thing about Kreg Tools is the variety of clamps available to aid in the assembly process – for this project I mainly used the Kreg corner clamps which made it so much easier for slapping the whole thing together.

Firgure 4: Kreg corner Klamps.

Use an off cut of 2mm PVC edging to space in the corner clamp inwards – this gives a slight contour illusion on the modesty panel.

Figure 5: Add 2mm Edging as spacer.

Screw your pocket holes in – use a cordless drill with your chuck set on 3 so as not to screw through the panel.

Figure 6: Assemble the Desk

Make sure to align your top when attaching. Add Plastic Plugs available from Kreg to hide your pocket holes and finish neatly.

Figure 7: Add the Plastic Plugs.

Take your time while drilling and assembling your Desk. And remember…Have Fun!

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