Build a Platform Bed

Instantly update your bedroom with a stylish platform bed that you can make in a day.



  • Scaffolding planks – cut to size for bottom section of base
  • 50 x 50mm planks – cut to size for upper section of base
  • 28mm Supawood – (one or two sheets as required and cut to size)
  • Assorted wood screws (25mm, 35mm and 65mm)
  • Countersink bit
  • Wood filler
  • Ponal wood glue
  • Jigsaw, circular saw or handsaw

Before assembling the sections, use a sander to smooth the scaffolding planks.The basic design involves building 2 separate frames that stack on top of each other – with the bottom section being smaller than the top section. Measure the size of the mattress and add an additional 5cm to this measurement. Put all the sections together using wood glue and wood screws to create the frame.


Additional cross supports are added to the frame for strength. Make sure they fit tightly in the spaces and offset the centre section to allow fastening for all pieces. Fasten these into place with wood glue and wood screws – see below. The important thing is that your frame is level. When purchasing the scaffolding planks, be sure to check that they are not warped or twisted – pieces must be perfectly straight.


Fill in any holes on the outside of the frame with wood filler and allow to dry. Sand with 240-grit sandpaper and wipe clean.Make the upper section of the base in the same way, using 50 x 50mm pine. This section is slightly larger than the mattress. Once again I screwed and glued everything taking care to keep everything square and level. This layer is very visible so take the time to do it right. Fill in any holes with wood filler and sand smooth with 240-grit sanding pads once dry.


Place the top over the bottom and centre it. Drill pilot holes through the top section and use long wood screws to attach to the bottom section at all matching intersections.


Attach the supawood boards to the top. Drill pilot holes and countersink before using 25mm wood screws to fasten into place around the edges at 200mm intervals..


Wipe clean to remove any dust. The platform can now be painted or stained and sealed in your choice of finishing.\

platform bed

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