Website Features


The newsfeed is a great place to see what is new at Tools4Wood. You will see a list of:

  • Product Reviews
  • Pre-Sale Questions
  • Works Well Withs
  • All your Friends and Groups activity

You can also share your pictures, videos and anything else you think the others users would enjoy.


Join one our groups, or create your own. Here you can setup a group to discuss a particular aspect of woodworking, or just get to know people in an area.

Groups can be

  • Public – Anyone can view or join your group
  • Invite – Anyone can view, but only certain people can join
  • Private – No-one can view and only certain people can join

Anyone can create a group so get going.

Your Profile

To distinguish you from everyone else, you can now setup a profile on tools4wood. Add a profile image, add your website, facebook or twitter pages, post videos or upload your photos.

You can also

  • See your friends, and friend requests.
  • See your groups.
  • Add a Bio to tell us all something about yourself
  • Review your notifications and messages

To view your Profile, click on the drop down in the top-right of the screen and select “Profile”


If you can’t be wood working, then the next best thing is talking about woodworking. Click on anyone’s profile picture on the site and you will be taken to their profile page. There you can add them as a friend.

Friends can

  • See each other’s posts and activity.
  • Send messages, both public and private
  • And most importantly, discuss woodworking!

To view your Friends, click on the drop down in the top-right of the screen and select “Friends”


Our product listings are much more than that. When considering buying a product we know you want to see who else likes it, what people have to say about it and whether people have had questions about it.

All Products show

  • The average rating and number of comments on the product
  • Number of pre-sale questions asked, with answers (remember you can ask a question on any product prior to purchasing)
  • Number of people who have added the product to their wishlists
  • You will also see at a glance if the product is a best seller, most wanted or on sale


If you can be wood working, and you can’t be talking about wood working then the next next best thing is to be reading about wood working.

Our articles include

  • Product reviews
  • How to guides
  • Tips and tricks
  • Competition entries
  • User submitted articles

Go through them and leave us your comments.

Wood Chips

Engage with the community and earn Wood Chips while you do it. Wood Chips entitle you to discounts on your next orders.

You can earn Wood Chips

  • By placing orders
  • By reviewing products
  • By visiting each day
  • and more

While your account remains active, your Wood Chips will never expire.