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This campaign is now OPEN for entries – “Tools4 A Woody. The lucky recipients will be announced on this page and Woodworkers Forum SA * * * * *

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Tools4 a Woody

Tools4 in partnership with The Woodworkers Forum South Africa are proud to announce the Toolsa Woody campaign for the period from the 16th of November to the 16th of December 2021. The “Tools4 a Woody” campaign is aimed at raising funds to help members of the woodworking community achieve their goals and better their lives.

The Woodworkers Forum SA Facebook community will identify 5 or more deserving individuals to be the lucky beneficiaries


 1 . If you are not already a member of the excellent Facebook group “The Woodworkers Forum SA” head on over and sign up as a member

2. Find the Tools4 a Woody post on the group and enter by commenting one skill, technique, tool, product, tip or trick that has turned your woodwork from a hobby to a passion and stand a chance to share in the spoils.

3. Donate your Benchmarks if you like. Should you choose to, Tools4 has given you the option to donate all or a portion of your benchmarks to the Tools4-A-Woody campaign to support members of the woodworking community in South Africa

*T’s & C’s below Apply

Follow the links below to visit the Woodworkers Forum Facebook Group

Daily Giveaways

We will be posting updates on the campaign every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the Woodworkers Forum SA group. Two lucky randomly selected members will win our giveaways per post.

The prizes will be sent to the winners toward the end of the campaign.

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A Big shout out goes to those that have already contributed:

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Campaign runs from 16th November to 16th December 2021
  2. Campaign is open to anyone wishing to contribute to the campaign.
  3. By submitting an entry to the campaign, you agree that you will not engage in posting:
  •  Content that is harmful to others or may cause reputational harm (this includes posting discriminatory comments, comments which are inappropriate or profane, comments which constitute hate speech or content that is designed to abuse, stalk, harass or physically threaten other     people).
  • Content that violates any intellectual property laws, including content that is protected by copyright or a patent.
  • Content that is misleading, false, or intentionally inaccurate.

4.  Funds are received through a percentage of sales on the Tools4 platform as well as donations through either direct deposit or benchmark allocation.
5.  When donating to the Tools4 a Woody campaign, the organisers will receive certain information such as donor names and email addresses. It is the organisers responsibility to keep this information private and use it solely for the purposes of participating in the campaign. Do not share or distribute any user information without their permission.
6.  Tools4 a Woody reserves the right to cancel the campaign at any time. This will be communicated via our Newsletter.
7.  Judging will be decided by members of the Woodworkers Forum SA and will be done independently from the administrators of this campaign
8.  In the event that you have any complaints or believe that we have caused you any loss or harm, please contact us (using the contact details provided here)
9.  Tools4 a Woody reserves the right to the do the following:

  • To make changes to the Site and Services without notice or liability.
  • In the event that any system or programme maintenance of any sort is required, to suspend services until such time as these have been completed;

10.  The organisers of the campaign don’t become involved in disputes between participants. Tools4 a Woody will, however, investigate profiles should we receive 2 or more complaints in writing about the charity or campaign.