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WoodRiver 4-Way Pressure Clamping System | 125392

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Product Description

WoodRiver 4-Way Pressure Clamping System | 125392.

The WoodRiver clamping system applies equal pressure from all four directions (top, bottom, and both sides). Ideal for gluing table tops, shelving, veneer, and laminates. Attach clamps to any length 2 x 2’s (a 2 x 4 ripped in half) with screws provided, set jig and turn handle to tighten (on large pieces, position every 12″-18″ for maximum clamping efficiency). Clamp has plastic pressure pads and two 19-1/2″ tail bars of tough plastic with 12 notches to handle a variety of stock widths. It can be used on boards up to 6″ thick. Includes two clamps, two short bars, two long bars and screws. Comes with complete instructions, 2 x 4’s not included. Replacement “long” and “short” notched plastic clamping bars are available separately.

  • Applies equal pressure on all four directions
  • Includes 2 clamps, 2 short bars, 2 long bars, screws
  • 2 x 4’s not included

4 reviews for WoodRiver 4-Way Pressure Clamping System | 125392

  1. mornem

    I have a set of these that I bought online. It is amazing when used for glue-ups on wider boards. The clamping pressure is even and it holds everything in place like a good quality corset. (Note: I cannot vouch for how things look when a corset is removed!) These clamps are especially useful with cutting board glue ups.

  2. gertja (verified owner)

    I have a set of these that I bought online. It works great keeping wider board edges together and edges level at the same time. I replaced the PVC strips that attach to screws as they have a tendency to ‘buckle’ under pressure if the buckled / warped boards have to be starightened.

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2 questions for WoodRiver 4-Way Pressure Clamping System | 125392

  1. john1

    I assume you need to order 2x of these to make 2 clamps?

    • Siphesihle Hato

      Good morning John, yes that is correct. You would need two of these units to make two clamps.

  2. Flip de Bruyn

    Surely the glue seeping out of the joint will glue the clamp to the work-piece?

    • Siphesihle Hato

      Good afternoon Flip, yes this is certainly possible if you get a lot of glue squeeze-out. A great way of preventing this is by adding masking tape to the scrap pieces and ensuring that you do not use more glue than necessary.

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