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Wood Repair BASIC Kit | WR50040

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Wood Repair BASIC Kit | WR50040.

This basic wood repair kit is perfect for window- and floor installers, carpenters, maintenance, DIY’ers, etc who repairs knots, grains, and other damages in wood. With this wood repair kit, you have the most basic needs in order to make Knot Filler repairs. It comes with a BCD180 Knot Filler gun and a Mix Pack of Knot Filler. It is possible to purchase extra tools and Knot Filler bags.



  • 1x bag of Knot Filler, color: Mix 1 (8 sticks of 150mm, Ø12mm)
  • 1x BCD 180 Knot Filler gun with changeable nozzle (pre-adjusted temperature 170°C)
  • Manual

Important! The Wood Repair Basic Kit does not include a cutting tool and cooling iron/block. Use your own chisel for this or find our range of tools here.


  • Plastic suitcase

How does it work?

Get started this easy:

1. Put the cord of the Knot Filler gun in a plug and let it warm-up
2. Put a Knot Filler stick in the Knot Filler gun
3. “Shoot” the Knot Filler into the knot/repair. Make sure to use a good speed.
4. Quickly put a cooling iron/block on the repair and let the repair cool off.
5. Remove excess Knot Filler with a chisel. The Knot Filler is ready for this when the cooling iron/block easily comes off the Knot Filler
6. Sand the repair and use surface treatment

Important! Make sure to read the technical datasheet of the Knot Filler gun before you start using it (see MSDS).


  1. Product Info
  2. Datasheet
  3. Colour Chart
  4. Brochure


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