JET DC-1100A Dust Collector

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JET DC-1100A Dust Collector.

Jet DC-1100A is a powerful and productive exhaust system for long-term professional use. The model is equipped with a strong metal impeller and is designed using Vortex Cone technology, which significantly improves overall efficiency. The metal cone separates the volume for separation and accumulation of debris, which helps to clean the air and denser “stacking” of debris in the drive, as a result of shaking out the capacity and filter is required less often. According to the characteristics of the extractor DC-1100A is comparable with the larger analogs of the traditional design. The cloth filter included in the delivery package detains particles larger than 30 microns, this is enough for comfortable work with planing machines. As an option, you can buy a filter cartridge from corrugated cardboard with article 708739M, it separates particles with a size of 2 microns, that is, more than 99.9% of debris. This fineness of screening allows efficient cleaning of air from fine wood dust, formed during sawing and grinding of wood. Another advantage of the cardboard filter is the quick cleaning handle, which allows you to shake it without removing it


  • Vortex Cone Technology Fabric filter element 2 μm corrugated cardboard element (option) Simple installation of the bag with a quick-clamp clamp Reinforced impeller made of steel Roller stand for transportation


Model DC-1100A
Article (230 V) 708639M
Consumed (output) power 1.9 (1.1) kW
Suction performance 1620 m 3 / h
Underpressure 1700 Pa
Volume of dust container 150 l
Diameter of dust bag connection 500 mm
Number x diameter of connections for connection 2 x 100 mm or 1 x 150 mm
Filtration fineness 30 microns (standard)
2 microns (option)
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 940 x 710 x 2000 mm
Weight 55 kg

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2 questions for JET DC-1100A Dust Collector

  1. Nicole

    Hi! Is it possible for you to source the 2-micron Vortex version of the Jet DC-1100, please? I’m not sure if just adding the 2-micron filter and plastic waste collection bags (available separately) would impart the Vortex feature also. I feel this is rather important to protect the expensive 2-micron filter…

  2. Nicole

    Thank you, Siphesihle. I do know that the 2-micron filter is available as an add-on for the Jet DC-1100A. The problem is that this extractor model does not come with a Vortex Cone which would have directed most of the wood chips and dust into the collection bag. Instead, fitted to the regular DC-1100A, the 2-micron filter clogs very quickly! (Please see:

    I’m looking for the Jet DC-1100-VX-CK, please. In the model name, “VX” indicates that it has the Vortex Cone and “CK” that it comes with the 2-micron filter. (

    • Siphesihle Hato

      Good day Nicole, please note that the Jet DC-1100-VX-CK is currently unavailable in South Africa. We are, however, expecting our supplier to receive stock in the next 3-4 months.

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