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Bosch PFS 3000-2 Paint Spray System


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Product Description

Bosch PFS 3000-2 Paint Spray System – The versatile spray system with maximum user-friendliness for all painting projects.

The versatile PFS 3000-2 paint spray system allows you to spray all types of paint with ease thanks to Bosch’s ALLPaint technology. The DIYer can choose whether they wish to spray wall paint, lacquer or a glaze. The practical SDS system makes the paint quick to refill and the system simple to clean. This fine spray system’s ConstantFeed paint container ensures a consistent supply of paint, even when working overhead or close to the floor.

Key product features:

  • ALLPaint Technology: easy spraying of all types of paint
  • Practical SDS system for fast refilling of paint and easy cleaning
  • ConstantFeed paint tank for consistent paint supply even when working overhead or close to the floor
  • Compact housing with shoulder strap for flexible, comfortable use
  • 650 W motor with 2-stage adjustment for wood and wall paints


  • Bosch SDS
  • Portable
  • SprayControl Technology
  • 3-stage paint nozzle

Bosch PFS 3000-2 Paint Spray System – In Detail:

Versatile and user-friendly: The PFS 3000-2 paint spray system.

The user-friendly PFS 3000-2 paint spray system from Bosch can spray all types of paint thanks to its ALLPaint technology. The DIYer is free to choose which type of paint they wish to work with, whether wall paints, lacquers or glazes. Bosch’s practical SDS system means that refilling the paint and cleaning the paint spray system are equally simple and convenient tasks. The paint spray system is also equipped with a ConstantFeed paint container which provides a consistent supply of paint even when working overhead or close to the floor.

Versatile and economical.

The fine spray system provides DIYers with a 650 watt motor with 2-stage adjustment for working with wood and wall paints. Typical applications for the paint spray system include spraying walls or structured surfaces such as masonry, and varnishing or glazing large furnishings or garden fencing. Thanks to its fast and uniform application of paint, even on structured surfaces, DIYers save time and material compared to applying paint with a brush or paint roller. A further advantage is the fact that the paint spray system can be cleaned with ease and without wasting a larger amount of paint.

Work comfortably and flexibly.

The PFS 3000-2 paint spray system comes with compact housing, a shoulder strap and a particularly flexible, two-metre air hose for unbeatable mobility. The DIYer can wear the tool on their shoulders and carry out jobs that last for even longer without becoming fatigued. The system’s fine spray produces uniform painting results both on large surfaces as well as in small gaps and corners. Depending on the material and application, the user can choose between three spray options: A horizontal, a vertical and a pencil spray jet.

High performance for optimal results.

The PFS 3000-2 paint spray system is equipped with a powerful 650 watt motor with 2-stage adjustment and a one litre-capacity paint container. The fine spray system’s spraying capacity is 300 ml/min, allowing for fast progress even on large areas both inside and outside. The DIYer can paint roughly two square metres per minute using the PFS 3000-2. The variable, three-stage adjustable paint nozzle allows you to work with incredible flexibility, optimising the tool to the material and the nature of the surface you are painting.

Technical Data:

Power input: 650 W
Delivery volume: 300 ml/min
Paint application: 2 m² in 1 min
Container volume: 1.000 ml
Machine weight: 2,8 kg
Hose length: 2 m
Vibration emission value ah: 2.5 m/s²
Uncertainty K: 1.5 m/s²

Complete With:

  • Nozzle for lacquers and glazes (grey)
  • Nozzle for wall paint (white)
  • Paint filter
  • Cleaning brush
  • Carrying strap
  • 1000 ml paint tank with lid (1 600 A00 1GG)

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