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Bosch PKS 66 A Hand-Held Circular Saw

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Product Description

Bosch PKS 66 A Hand-held Circular Saw.

The PKS 66 A hand-held circular saw allows you to cut to a depth of 66 mm in wood thanks to its powerful 1600 watt motor. When sawing, a large amount of chips and dust is invariably produced, which is why this saw is equipped with a CleanSystem Box. This feature collects the chips produced during sawing. When making freehand cuts, the capacity to operate your tool with precision is essential. This is addressed in the PKS 66 A by the CutControl function: A series of clear markings on the base plate and a transparent, folding extension. CutControl allows you to follow the cutting line accurately when making both standard and mitre cuts.

Key product features:

  • Powerful 1600 watt motor and 66 millimetre cutting depth in wood
  • CleanSystem Box for clean working
  • CutControl for controlled freehand cuts

Other product advantages:

  • Ergonomic design with comfortable softgrip and optimum weight for perfect guidance of the saw
  • Accurate cutting depth adjustment and precise adjustment for mitre cuts using the quick-clamping lever
  • Easy and fast saw blade changes due to integrated spindle lock
  • Safety switch with lock-off function that can be operated on both sides – prevents the machine being switched on unintentionally
  • Equipped with high-quality Speedline Wood saw blade – the fastest blade on the market


  • Spindle lock
  • Speedline saw blade
  • Dust/chip box
  • Bosch CutControl
  • Softgrip
  • Groove in sole plate for guide rail system

Power and precision for straight cuts.

With its powerful 1600 watt motor, the PKS 66 A hand-held circular saw from Bosch can achieve a cutting depth of up to 66 mm in wood. The tool also ensures clean working with its CleanSystem Box, which collects chips produced by the saw and keeps your working area clean at all times. At the same time, Bosch’s CutControl provides high accuracy in freehand cuts. This feature – combining base plate markings with a transparent, folding extension – allows you to follow the cutting line accurately when making both standard and mitre cuts.

High-quality carbide saw blade.

The PKS 66 A hand-held circular saw is supplied with a high-quality Speedline Wood saw blade – one of the fastest in the market. The GuideRail System also ensures superb sawing accuracy. This feature consists of a groove integrated into the base plate of the circular saw and a tongue on the guide rail. This puts the DIYer in the position to carry out accurate, clean rip and cross cuts with ease. The guide rail is not supplied as standard with this version of the PKS 66 A.

Compact design for optimised handling.

The tools that handle best let you achieve the best sawing results. The PKS 66 A hand-held circular saw was therefore designed by Bosch with ergonomics in mind, with an optimised relationship between its weight and dimensions resulting in excellent handling. The ergonomically shaped handle with its large, non-slip softgrip coverings offers perfect control when sawing. All of the saw’s features are easy to access as well. It also benefits from easily readable and precise depth adjustment and a lock-off function that can be operated from both sides of the tool.

The quick-clamping lever simplifies mitre cuts.

The cutting depth of the PKS 66 A hand-held circular saw is simple and convenient to adjust. The same is true of the settings for mitre cuts: Making adjustments is fast and uncomplicated with the help of the quick-clamping lever. The integrated spindle lock allows the DIYer to quickly and easily change the saw blade. Safety considerations have also been taken into account in the design. This PKS 66 A is also equipped with a safety switch with a lock-off function that can be operated from both sides of the tool. This prevents DIYers from accidentally switching on the hand-held circular saw. The protective hood, made from sturdy aluminium, provides additional protection.

Technical data:

Power input: 1.600 W
Circular saw blade rated diameter: 190 mm
Circular saw blade bore size: 30 mm
No-load speed: 5.000 rpm
Guide plate: 160 x 327 mm
Protective guard: Aluminium
Machine weight: 5,4 kg
Cutting depth range at 90°: 0 – 66 mm
Cutting depth range at 45°: 0 – 48 mm

Noise / vibration information:

Measured values determined according to EN 60745
Total vibration values (vector sum of three directions).

Vibration emission value ah: 2.5 m/s²
Uncertainty K: 1.5 m/s²

The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level 92 dB(A); Sound power level 103 dB(A). Uncertainty K= 3 dB.

Comes complete with:

  • CleanSystem Box (2 609 255 731)
  • Tungsten carbide saw blade Speedline Wood (2 608 640 800)
  • Parallel guide (2 608 005 018)

4 reviews for Bosch PKS 66 A Hand-Held Circular Saw

  1. AllanLe Roux

    Opened the box and found everything well packed and all parts present.
    Bosch Green is great quality for the home handyman, the saw has a good feel in the hands. The supplied blade is not bad but I replaced it with a new 48 tooth optiline blade.
    The blade change process is quick and easy with the supplied allen key.
    Cutting the 2.4m long shelves turned out to be easy with the saw, the saw has sufficient weight to make you feel confident when doing the cutting, at the end of the cut the saw stops quickly and easily with the blade guard dropping perfectly in place to ensure no injury or runaway saw!! The plastic guide in the front works very very for cutting smaller pieces, the edge guide is good and worked well for the few cuts that I made.
    Overall quality of product very good.
    Improvements that could be made, yes change the pressed metal base to an aluminium one!

  2. hendre

    Bought one a year ago. Finally had a chance to use it today. I must say, I’m used to using the table saw and I get n bit of resistance with it, but with this saw when cutting through pine shelving, it felt like a hot knife through butter. I had to stop half way, because I thought it was not cutting the wood. Great product. I will be using it much more after the last experience.

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2 questions for Bosch PKS 66 A Hand-Held Circular Saw

  1. Neville

    The description states that this saw has a groove for a guide rail but that it is not supplied as part of the package. Do you have this guide for sale? What are its specs?

  2. terry welsh

    Does the price of the unit include the batery and charger or not. If not, do you have the battery and charger in stock and at what price pease.

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