Bosch 91PC V-Line Drill & Screwdriver Bit Set | 2607017195

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Bosch 91PC V-Line Drill & Screwdriver Bit Set | 2607017195.

For virtually any project-ready: extensive drill and schrauber-set for drilling and fastening tasks in wood, stone and metal. Metal drill with powerful titanium-nitride coating. With the highest surface quality for extreme conditions. Robust wood and stone drill and screwdriver bits and wrench for secure mountings. Additionally included: screwdriver with ratchet function and extendable magnetic bar for easy pick up screws, nails and other magnetic parts. 11 titanium nitride coating metal drill Ø 2-8 mm with. Metal drill bits with titanium nitride coating are characterised by a long life and high durability. For fast, clean drilling in a wide range of metals, Plexiglas and hard plastics (not for aluminum). Up to 40% faster drilling progress than comparable bits without titanium-nitride coating. Up to 6-times longer life when professionally cooling. 11 stone drill Ø 3-10 mm with hammer drill resistant hard metal tip for working in brick, limestone, natural and artificial stone 8 wood drills Ø 3-10 mm with brad point for point-exact drilling. For hard wood, soft wood and plastic. 49 Screwdriver bits with Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, hexagonal and slotted head in all usual sizes as well as 8 Socket wrench for all screw applications. 1 hand screwdriver with ratchet function for screw joints of the hand and 1 magnetic universal holder for a quick bit change and good hold the screw in bit. Practical Bosch V-line case with a clear arrangement of content. Simple and safe removal of the accessories, as well as simplified selection of accessories by application pictograms.

Highlights & Details
  • Ratchet screwdriver, magnetic rod
  • 11 HSS-TiN metal drill Ø 2-8 mm
  • 19 drill bits for stone/wood
  • bit set 49 piece + Bit holder
  • socket wrench set SW 6 – 13 mm
  • Magnet, extendable
  • 11 TiN metal drill Ø 2-8 mm, per 2 x 2 and 3 mm, 1 x each 2.5/3.5/4/5/6/7/8 mm
  • 11 stone drill Ø 3-10 mm, 2 x 5.5 and 6 mm, 1 x 3/4/5/7/8/10 mm
  • 8 wood drills Ø 3-10 mm, 2 x 6 mm, 1 x 3/4/5/7/8/10 mm
  • 34 screwdriver bits, length 25 mm, PH 0/0/1/1/2/2/3/3, PZ 0/0/1/1/2/2/3/3, S 3/5/5/7 mm, T 10/10/15/15/20/20/25/25/30/40, hex 3/5/5/6
  • 15 screwdriver bits, length 50 mm, 0/1/2/3, 0/1/2/3 PZ, SL6, T10/15/20/25, hex 5/6
  • Bit universal holder, magnetic
  • Screwdriver with ratchet function
  • 8 socket wrench, Ø 6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13 mm
  • Countersink.

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