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  • Rating: 3 out of 5

    The table and accessories came well packaged.
    The router table itself is solid (heavy) and perfectly flat.
    The Triton router fitted easily in the predrilled plated and mounted easily into the table.
    Unfortunately that is all the good.
    There is NO documentation and an internet search only found Russian documentation and videos.
    The extension wings are not flat. Concave which is better than convex.
    The fence is functional but needed to be shimmed to get it at 90 deg to the table.
    Making a better fence is on the cards.
    The mitre gauge is extremely loose and an aftermarket gauge does not fit as the mitre slot is not a standard size.
    Overall the table is a superb buy being heavy and flat if you can live with the poor accessories. .
    The lack of documentation and dodgy accessories are a drawback.


Phil Hansen

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